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Excellent Hurricane Windows: How to Determine the Best Hurricane Window?

by Nathan Zachary

You may find out for certain by waiting for a storm. On the other hand, we can understand if you think this approach creates unnecessary tension. Below, we will discuss several other approaches that are far more logical for measuring the storm resistance of your windows from a reliable manufacturer like WindowMan, FL. Let’s delve into the details.

Comply with the Instructions Listed on the Box.

The labeling should be made very obvious whether or not the newly installed hurricane windows fort lauderdale fl, in your home are “impact-resistant” or “hurricane-proof.” This information is often also included in other materials, such as a product guide or owner’s handbook, packaged with the windows. On the other hand, if the windows in your home were there when you moved in, you won’t have easy access to the labels or owner’s manual that offer information on the windows. Because:

Strive to Make an Impression That Will Last

Windows designed to withstand hurricanes often use panes of tempered glass, and these hurricane windows in Fort Lauderdale, FL, generally have a teeny-tiny mark or label carved into one of the corners. This identifying mark attests to the glass’s origin, producer, site of production, and the quality control methods used. Even if this emblem doesn’t inform you whether or not the windows are impact-resistant, it should give you a model or production number that you may use to get in touch with the company that made them.

Even if there is no apparent label, your South Florida impact windows may be resistant to hurricanes. Possibly, the permanent label has been removed from the glass. This is because many windows are cut to order. The manufacturer will affix a temporary label to replace the original one if anything like this happens. So give the next method a try, even if you’ve previously installed your windows in your home.

Keep an eye out for a mirrored image.

You may see a reflection if you hold anything up to the glass. Since hurricane-proof windows often consist of more than one pane of glass, the viewer should be able to see a variety of reflections. Windows with more than one reflection are likely impact-resistant, but hurricane windows in Fort Lauderdale, FL, with just one pane of glass, are not likely to be impact-resistant.

Windows designed for hurricanes vs. those designed for impact

Many homeowners of residential properties are curious whether there is a difference between hurricane windows and South Florida impact windows. The phrases are often interchanged because of the inherent similarity between hurricane and impact-resistant windows. But are all hurricane-proof windows those that are resistant to impact? First, you must be aware that a window’s DP and PG ratings are the significant elements that determine whether or not it can be termed stormproof. If it can be shown by testing that a window can withstand winds of more than 74 miles per hour, which is the bare minimum for hurricanes, then that window may be given the designation of being hurricane-proof.

Nothing along the lines of “Hurricane Rated for Category X Storms” will be printed on the labels of replacement windows. Your mission is to complete the conversion as quickly as possible. Both the PG and DP have a range from 0 to 50 points. In general, the ability of a window to withstand a more severe kind of storm is indicated by an increase of 10 points per 10 points. This indicates that a window with a rating of 0-10 can resist the force of a Category 1 hurricane, but a window with a rating of 10-20 can withstand the force of a Category 2 hurricane, and so on. There are a few other kinds of windows that are not classified as either DP or PG. If they do not, likely, they have not been subjected to the required number of performance reviews.

Some manufacturers quickly point out that South florida impact windows have several layers of plastic sandwiched between the glass to increase strength and help prevent debris penetration, in addition to a film on the glass to prevent shards from flying through the air upon impact. While impact windows share many similarities with hurricane windows, hurricane windows have a film on the glass to prevent shards from flying through the air upon impact.

Seek the Opinions of Qualified Individuals.

If you hire a professional, they can tell simply by glancing at your hurricane windows Fort Lauderdale, FL, whether they would resist the force of a hurricane. An expert from Sunrise Windows & Doors may visit your house and conduct an inspection to establish whether or not the windows you currently have are resistant to hurricanes and whether or not you would benefit from upgrading to newer models.

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