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Exotic Car Rentals Make Your Trip to Freeport, NY, Extra Ordinary

by Nathan Zachary

There’s a quaint little village in the Town of Hempstead, along the south shore of Long Island. Do you know this place was once famous for shipping oysters all around the world? 

We are talking about Freeport. Well, this was actually a “free port” run by Tutty Baker on the Pecatonica River. 

More about Freeport 

Freeport is not exactly a village, but a small city. Why not rent a jeep and visit this fascinating part of Long Island? 

Freeport is just 35 miles (56km) from New York City. It would take you less than an hour to reach Freeport from NYC. And if you start at the crack of dawn, which is a great thing to do, you can reach in half an hour! No traffic, only the beautiful sunrise greeting you. 

It is a rejuvenating experience to watch the sunrise, listen to the chirping birds, and smell the freshness in the air. This coupled with your luxurious vehicle makes for a complete mind, body, and soul retreat! 

Let your jeep go full throttle on the nearly empty roads at dawn. Freeport is away from the hustle-bustle of New York City. This neighborhood is woven in tranquility, cleanliness, and friendliness of the locals. 

Things you can’t miss doing in Freeport:

You have two options:

  • Reach Freeport in a train that runs from New York Penn Station every 30 minutes. 
  • Drive to Freeport in the luxury-on-wheels that you rent from your nearest exotic car rentals

Now, once you are in Freeport, you can’t miss Freeport’s Nautical Mile. This is a line of restaurants serving lip-smacking food. You will also find nautically-oriented shops here. 

Pull over at Freeport Recreation Center in your majestic jeep. Admire the art, do some gym exercises, or skate. Have fun. 

Let the bookworm creep over you at the Freeport Memorial Library. 

Apart from this, Freeport has some fascinating bars and clubs, a splendid golf course, an exciting farmers market, excellent breweries, and lovely specialty and gift shops. It is hard to resist them. 

Being in a luxury car gives you the comfort and the pleasure of being in the lap of luxury. You can drive anywhere you want when you have a private vehicle. 

Renting in Freeport

Those who reach Freeport by train can rent a vehicle at Long Island exotic car rental. The good thing is that exotic rentals are available in and around New York. This makes renting easier. 

If for some reason, you could not rent in New York City, you can rent at places nearby. 

Luxury streak 

If you have the luxury streak in you and love to travel too, contact a rental today. Make your neighborhood trips as memorable as ever. 

Traveling outside state

Wish to take an exotic car outside the state? For this, you must take the permission of the rental management. Most cars are rented for the city and around it. For traveling outside the state, you need a customized mileage package. The rental management holds the right to accept or deny your request for state travel.Techcrams

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