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Facts Why All Businesses Should Prioritize Android App Development

by Nathan Zachary
Facts Why All Businesses Should Prioritize Android App Development

Android has a large user base and follows a simplified application development process. Today, businesses of all levels opt for android app development company to increase their business value. With cost-effective and useful features, this application development platform has become a choice of developers around the world. If you start exploring the benefits of this platform, you’ll come across many points. There are so many good reasons to prioritise Android app development. If there is a platform that can let you build an ROI-driven application with low investment, that’s only Android. 

Let’s take a look at the reasons for giving it a priority. 

Ensures high Return Of Investment with low investment:

Applications built on this platform have to face fewer hurdles to enter the market. These applications provide their SDK (Software Development Kit) to the coder community that lessens the licensing and development costs. The overall development cost can be divided into three parts – application development cost, the testing cost, and the hardware cost. Business owners need to pay very little for all of these, which makes it a very cost-effective yet a quality option. 

Open-source in nature, hence, gives easy access:

The open-source feature of Android must be considered as the most prominent advantage of choosing it. This means the source code of its SDK is fully available for alterations as per the business requirements. Access to the most popular technology platform makes the development process faster without hampering the quality of the app. 

Allows easy integration:

Inter-application integration is an important task that requires a good and robust platform. And android allows simple inter-application integration by providing many flexible tools. With these, business apps can integrate with each other to get connected with ease. This advanced integration feature of Android also allows easy customisation apart from simple integration. This helps developers build the application exactly according to the requirements of the business. 

Easy application approval process in Android:

The overall android application development process takes a few hours or days depending on the expertise of the developer or how many developers are working together in a team. The developers mainly focus on the violations in the application like the occurrence of spyware, malware, copyright violations, insertion of unnecessary contents, etc. After the application is reviewed for the first time, it goes for the second manual testing round to the next reviewing team. Unlike the iOS platform, android application developers enjoy much more freedom on the app content. With this platform, developers can willingly accept the terms and policies and enter the platform with the app. 

Allows easy adoption:

Android applications are built using Java language that has innumerable useful libraries. These libraries make it convenient and easy for the Java coders to create android applications. Transiting the script or the code into the smartphones is what a developer needs to do. The key requirement of building an application for this platform is in-depth knowledge and awareness in Core java language. Overall, it can be said that this platform allows for easy adoption. 

Ensures high security:

Android is a highly secured platform. An address space layout is added to the platform, which protects the OS that is the operating system from threats, malware, and hackers to find out the accurate locations of the data. The passwords are also stored in the encrypted form. With these, android has become one of the most secure and safest platforms for launching mobile applications. 

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So, by now you are aware of the benefits of giving priority to this platform. If you want to get your application built for the same, then consulting a good android app development company is what you need to do first. So, go ahead and get your project started. 

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