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Favorite Activities to enjoy in Southport NC

by Nathan Zachary
romantic things to do in Southport, NC

Shopping, dining, history, and simply taking in a seaside breeze are all regularly embraced in the picturesque coastal town of Southport. There are also plenty of activities to enjoy in this lower Cape Fear vacation spot, despite the temptation to simply find a shady front porch, relax, and take in the scenery, which is a favorite pastime for locals.

Therefore, make the most of your upcoming Southport vacation by taking these locals’ favorite activities. Southport is bursting with activities that can accommodate guests of all ages, preferences, and vacationing styles, from taking a wild adventure through the inland streams to taking advantage of some of the best antique shopping along the coastline. Check our list of the best things to do in Southport NC.

Explore the regional past

This coastal settlement was established in the middle of the eighteenth century with the construction of Fort Johnston, and it was given official town status in 1792. Visitors have a wide range of options for learning about the local lore and tales, including walking tours, bus and vehicle excursions, and even boat tours. They can also embark on their own journey by stopping at some of the town’s most iconic locations. The Fort Johnston Museum & Visitors Center gives visitors a behind-the-scenes look at the fort’s more than 250-year history, while the Old Brunswick County Jail is an intriguing jail-turned-museum that was in use for 70 years after it was first constructed in 1904. Visit the NC Maritime Museum for a comprehensive look at local culture, which includes relics from the American Revolution, the Civil War, and even the region’s first Native Americans. It goes without saying that history can be discovered around every turn in a town as old and historically significant as Southport.

Get in the Water

Since Southport is naturally bordered by water, water sports enthusiasts of all stripes frequent the area to partake in an endless variety of adventures on the nearby rivers, creeks, and lakes. Try kayaking, one of Southport’s favourite (and simple to learn) activities, and newcomers can easily join in the excitement. A number of tour operators can be found in the immediate area to take tourists on eco-explorations of the Blackwater Cypress Swamp, the Cape Fear River, and everywhere in between. These organisations can be found just a few steps away from the waterfront and offer hourly or weekly rentals, equipment, launching points, or even guided expeditions for kayakers. A kayaking tour is a wild event that guests of all ages will never forget, with plenty of chances to see local birds, amphibians, and occasionally even an alligator.

Look around the Waterfront
You don’t have to go very far to enjoy a breathtaking view of the Cape Fear River while lounging, unwinding, or just taking it all in. The Waterfront Park, one of the most beautiful parks in the Brunswick area, is located in downtown Southport and provides visitors with a variety of (free) ways to pass the time. Take a moment to unwind on one of the numerous benches or swings that flank the water’s edge, or stroll down the Riverwalk, where breathtaking views of the Cape Fear can be seen frequently. Visit the on-site Southport Pier and Riverwalk is one of the romantic things to do in Southport, NC which continues into the middle of the river and provides excellent angling and birdwatching options, for a truly sumptuous view (or just a little fishing). The Waterfront Park, the nearby pier, and the Riverwalk are ideal pit stops during a downtown walking tour and continue to be a popular spot for both locals and tourists in Southport.

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