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Features you should consider in your ecommerce website

by Nathan Zachary

By the year 2040, more than 95% of the purchases will be done online. Online shopping is not limited to any one country or state; many people love to buy products online all around the world. Every person who is providing its services online possesses an ecommerce website. Similarly, people who are looking to take their business online are taking the help of ecommerce websites. Do you ever wonder what’s the biggest challenge for most businesses when going online? From setting up a website to making the website successful there are a lot many things. I’ll help you with the latter by making you familiar with some prominent features that you should consider in your ecommerce website for making it a step closer to success.

When you create an ecommerce website, there are some common features that are essential for an ecommerce website. This blog is an attempt to tell you about the most important features that you should add to your ecommerce website. 

Here is a list of features that you should consider while creating your ecommerce website— 

Top 10 common features for your ecommerce website:

  1. User-friendly navigation— The way to attract customers to shop from your website is to provide them with user-friendly navigation on your ecommerce website. For a user-friendly interface, put all of your products into categories and subcategories so that it becomes easier for the user to find the product they are looking for. The ecommerce website must be easy to use for the users. You must make the necessary changes according to the needs of the users and provide them with what they need. 
  2. HD photos and videos of the products— Upload high-definition pictures of the products that are available on your ecommerce website. The shoppers want to see the product from all angles before buying. It is evident that watching the HD pictures of products encourages buyers to go for the product because they know what they are ordering. More than 24% of the customers tend to check out by having a look at high-definition images and videos. Adding HD images and videos of the products will help you a lot in increasing the sales of your business. 
  3. Create a wishlist— A wishlist plays a significant role on an ecommerce website. When a person does not want to buy a product immediately, he adds it to a wishlist to buy it in the near future. Sometimes the customer does not wish to buy a product instantly, so a wish list is created so that he can add it to that. Many ecommerce websites ignore this feature considering it as not important, but this is one of the important features of an ecommerce website. 
  4. Customer reviews and ratings— Give a chance to the customer to review and rate a product and services he bought. By this they can tell the positive and negative views on the product they bought or the services they had rendered. It helps in building the visitor’s trust and in making the desired changes in the business. 

For example: You have a digital marketing institute and your potential customer searches for Digital Marketing institute in jaipur 

Your website will be shown on the top if it has a good rating (5 star or nearby) and the viewer can also read the reviews. Good reviews about a business makes the customer feel confident in investing in it.

  1. Search bar— A search bar facilitates a user to search for the particular product he is looking for. If an ecommerce website does not provide its user to search for a product, then he might get frustrated and opt not to buy from your ecommerce website. If an ecommerce website does not provide a search bar for its users, it will become very time-consuming for the users to buy from your website. 
  2. Secured Payment options— A successful ecommerce website must provide the users with secured payment options, as it increases the chances of conversion. In recent times, cyber fraud has become a common mishap. In that case, every customer expects secured payment options such as PayPal, Braintree, Stripe, etc. Providing the customers with secured payment options makes the website trustworthy for the users. 
  3. Reasonable shipping rates— It is seen that most of the customers opt not to buy from those ecommerce websites that charge high rates of shipping. Try to provide minimum shipping charges to the users as that will encourage them to buy more and more from your ecommerce website. Else you can provide the users a ceiling limit and opt not to charge anything after that; it will also help you in increasing the sales. 
  4. Customer support— For a successful ecommerce website, it is important that you provide the users with strong customer support. It is seen that sometimes the customers get stuck while buying from ecommerce websites due to many reasons. In that case, being an ecommerce provider, you must provide the users with strong customer support. You can either provide a toll-free number or provide a live chat facility on your website. Moreover, if you will add your contact number or physical address at the end of your website, that will increase your credibility. 
  5. Mobile-friendly interface— Your website must have a mobile-friendly interface as more than 95% of the users are mobile users. If your website is not compatible with mobile users, then it will be a huge loss of customers. In today’s times, more than 61% of the population is dependent on online shopping websites. So Ask your Ecommerce Website development company to make your website mobile-friendly, it will become easier for you to reach your target audience. If your website is mobile-friendly, it will show the correct display on the user’s phone.
  6. Order-tracking— If a customer has ordered something from your website, the next thing he would want will be to know when his order will arise. This feature is commonly ignored by many ecommerce websites, but it is important that your website provide an order tracking facility to the users. The user must know the actual position of his package. 


To conclude, the features provided in this blog are significant for your website to make your ecommerce website look good. If you provide the right set of features to your ecommerce website, it will increase the number of users of your website and will also help you in generating more revenue. If you want to create a high-functioning web store for yourself, then you must use those features that will make your website look good and stand out from others. A leading website development company in Jaipur, we provide custom web development services. We can help you shape your idea into a perfect one. Contact Us For More.

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