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Interoperability and finding the true SaaS EHR

by Nathan Zachary
SaaS Healthcare

SaaS and Electronic Health Record (EHR) software to effectively facilitate the flow of information, such as test results, medical histories, summaries of care, lab reports, prescriptions, provider notes, etc., between them and the various institutions involved in the healthcare IT model.

Most American doctors today use some form of information technology to support their professions and daily tasks. Some people utilize electronic medical record software, which, although helpful in most situations, lacks a key component. The most crucial element is interoperability. A real EHR, on the other hand, has the ability to share data with all relevant entities and is interoperable.

The Software as a Service (SaaS) Model is a new idea that has gained popularity recently. Vendors of EHR software participate in this by offering internet-based connectivity and access to the healthcare system.

SaaS is defined as “browser-based EHRs that have a single database for all customers and the capacity to deploy software upgrades to all client EHRs concurrently” by research firm KLAS, which specializes in research concerning the performance of various healthcare providers.

This thorough explanation of the SaaS model makes it very clear what a genuine SaaS vendor is.

Many vendors on the market today would claim to be SaaS compliant, but in reality, they do not offer their clients these essential capabilities.

The urgent requirement is to select an EHR software provider who not only assists you in achieving Meaningful Use Stage 2 and ICD-10 adoption benefits but also offers ongoing product updates and improvements.

The best aspects of any true SaaS EHR in the current market are its simplicity to access P3Care data on numerous platforms, wherever you need it, high-security procedures, user-level access limitations, and the capacity to complete activities quickly.

The ability of your vendor to regularly update, improve, and enhance the software for your comfort and use is another crucial component of a good SaaS.

These can be anything from changes at the industry level to software upgrades that keep up with new security protocols and technological breakthroughs.

One of the main advantages that the SaaS model offers doctors is that it does not have the high startup expenses that the outdated server-based model did, nor does it require the development of a comprehensive networking infrastructure to transport patient data throughout the practice. Because it is so simple to use, the SaaS model is also becoming more and more popular among doctors.

When looking for the best SaaS EHR software for your practice, these are some of the characteristics you should consider. Remember that choosing wisely is just as crucial as purchasing the software itself. It is always advisable to give your decision some additional thought and to avoid being intimidated by the flashy features that different suppliers may include in their products, because these features may really hinder your workflow. Remember that only a truly SaaS EHR will serve your interests in the long run.

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