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Five Best Beds for Master Bedroom

by Nathan Zachary

Spending a third of your life in bed is a special companion throughout the comfort of your home.  

When choosing a bed, it is generally expected to keep it for quite a while. The choice of most homeowners is based on not only the comfort but the design, health factors, and space constraints. However, it is important to consider the quality of the bed you are going to choose. The quality of your rest can easily determine it. Before you go out to find a perfectly comfortable mattress, select the right bed frame that will hold the mattress comfortably.

Being a focal point of your bedroom, choosing the bed style will set the tone for the rest of the room. If you have decided to upgrade your bed frame, do something more stylish and reliable. For your convenience, we have brought out the bed styles and how to find the one that is right for you.

Metal beds bring a timeless look

If a metal bed is embellished with scrollwork, it can have a feminine feel. On the other hand, a metal bed with clean, straight lines feels more masculine. Traditional Victorian wrought-iron beds were made by hand and are still in trend. Today, these antique-style beds are more common and mass-produced in all standard mattress sizes. This makes them more affordable. Several antique-inspired brass beds are also a classic option. Classic bed styles such as the Queen bedroom sets never lose their appeal.

Canopy beds are perfect for creating a delightful atmosphere

Canopy beds are composed of four posts connected at the top by rods that can be draped with sheer fabrics for an elegant, romantic look. By drawing the eye upward, the posts and drapery make the bed seem bigger and the ceiling higher. It is commonly found that canopy beds are made of metal, usually with sleek square posts, but they are also available in a variety of wood with more ornate designs.

Bring a traditional style with sleigh beds

With their traditional feel, sleigh beds create a cozy atmosphere in any bedroom. As with a sleigh, the headboard is usually taller than the footboard, curving upward and inward simultaneously. It is generally wood and has simple contours or complex inlays, flourishes, and rich finishes. Sleigh beds are made of a variety of materials.

Provoke a contemporary feel by platform beds

Suitable for modern and minimalist designs, platform beds are a perfect choice. Their low height and platform allow them to eliminate the need to use box springs. Even though they may have headboards, their low profile is the main thing making them platform beds. No matter what material you choose for your platform bed, whether wood, metal, or leather, it will give your bedroom a contemporary feel.

Add luxury with upholstered beds

Your bedroom will feel luxurious and texturized with upholstered beds. You can add a touch of sophistication to your bedroom with a leather-covered bed. A textured cotton bed or tweed bed impacts homes with a vintage-inspired taste. The presence of linen in a bedroom adds a touch of modern luxury.

Important considerations to buying a bed frame

Weigh the size of the mattress

Choosing a new bed frame becomes easier if you already have a mattress you love. A bed frame may fit one bed but not the other. Consider the width of your room for a bed and the size that feels best to you when buying your entire bed set from scratch.

Consider the size of the room

It is common for a bed to dominate any small bedroom, as it is usually the largest item of furniture in any bedroom. For a rough idea of the size of your mattress, lay it on the floor or use pillows or masking tape to get a feel for it.

Match your decorating style

Choosing the right style for the bed is essential because it is the focal point of any bedroom. You may want to choose a wooden bed frame piled high with quilts and pillows if you’re going to create a warm, inviting, comfortable atmosphere. However, the queen bedroom sets are so in trend and complement the overall composition of your bedroom.


Beds are typically simple and trendy simultaneously, allowing you to customize with a headboard and footboard. You can also choose a complete bed frame in various styles – from upholstered beds to sleigh beds. Each class will serve a specific purpose. Ensure your bed complements your home’s aesthetics and meets your needs. 

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