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Five Types of Wood for Door Frames

by Nathan Zachary
Door Frames

It is not an easy process to build a door frame, and you must make several choices. You need to consider the gate’s location, the cost, the construction, and the type of wood. It is available in a variety of materials on the market. In general, wooden frames are extensively employed in residential buildings. Composite, fiberglass, and aluminium door frames are also available.

What is a Door Frame?

The structure to which a gate leaf or panel is attached and which offers a stable foundation inside a rough opening is known as a gate frame. When a gate is hinged, the hinges are attached to the fixture; when a gate is sliding, a track is fitted to the mounting so rollers can move across it when a gate is folded, this mount has both hinges and tracks. They are available in various sizes to fit the opening’s size and the wall’s thickness.

The longevity of the gate itself will depend on the strength and toughness of the structure to which the gate is attached. If it is unsteady or poorly installed it can be hazardous and can deteriorate considerably more quickly. Additionally, its quality will impact the insulation supplied gaps can allow warm air to escape and cold air to enter.

Importance of Door Frames

Sustain the Door: The operations and structure of the gate are supported by the structure on which it is mounted. It normally consists of a jamb, head, sill, and lining. These components are all essential for supporting and even levelling the gate. The gate may be uneven and crooked if it isn’t installed correctly.

Facilitate hinging: This product makes the gate hinge easier, which serves yet another important function. Typically, hinges secure a gate to the structure with screws. The hinges keep the gate securely attached to the mount and serve as the primary mechanism for the gate’s smooth opening and closing motions.

Boost Protection: It also serves to improve the security of the building. The gate can be entirely hinged into a sturdy and useful gate frame, deterring criminals and burglars from readily accessing the premises. The robust product and its connection to the hinges and lock will not break easily, even after repeated attempts to damage it.

Types of Wood for Door Frames

Mahogany: Mahogany is a tropical hardwood with a striking reddish-brown colour that is both attractive and strong. A mahogany fixture exudes luxury and is long-lasting. It is exceptionally strong, and this material is inherently rot-resistant. Therefore, it is an excellent option for exterior fixtures exposed to bad weather.

Teak: Another tropical hardwood is teak which is widely used to manufacture wooden doors. Teak’s grey-brown colour darkens with time and appears beautiful regardless of age. It is resistant to weather and pests because of the natural oils it possesses. This makes it an excellent option for an exterior application, along with its inherent tensile strength.

Pine: An evergreen softwood that grows all over the northern hemisphere. The most typical material for internal gate framing is probably pine. It is affordable, simple to work with, and attractive when left untreated, unfinished, or painted. The only thing to keep in mind is that pine is quite delicate and will readily dent from hits. One of these other solutions would be preferable if you’re building a product that will likely be subject to abuse.

Poplar: For internal uses, poplar is a suitable choice. The hardwood commonly referred to as poplar is made from tulip trees, not the actual poplar tree. Because it is simple to work with and reasonably priced, despite being a hardwood, it possesses qualities comparable to some materials. It is primarily used indoors because it lacks weather-resistance properties. But because it is more resilient to damage than other timbers, it might be a better option for fixtures that will be subjected to heavy use.

White oak: Due to its structure, it is highly strong and resistant to rot and water. It offers every feature you could ever want in an outside gate border. The pricing is the main selling point for white oak, though. Typically, it is substantially less expensive than mahogany or teak. So check out white oak if you’re seeking a product at a fair price.


Now that you know the sorts of logs to avoid and which types work best for indoor and outdoor applications, you can build your new frame with confidence. These products are available through the online store McCoy Mart. Regardless of which of these materials you select, a structure with proper planning, construction, and finishing will last a very long time. 

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