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How to Fix – No Sound on YouTube When Playing Videos?

by Nathan Zachary
No Sound on YouTube

The users of YouTube have faced no sound issues on their computers as it is a very common problem. The issue is very common and a lot of users have faced the issue; youtube no sound.

How Can You Fix No Sound on YouTube Problem?

If you are facing no sound on youtube then; you can easily use all the solutions that we are giving here to make sure that you can use the application without any issues. 

1. Make sure that the YouTube Volume button is not turned off

The YouTube volume button is present on the screen and there are a lot of people who often miss this button if you are facing this issue then; you need to check the Volume button and make sure that the sound is not muted. The button is present beside the play and pause button on the screen. 

2. Check the Sound of the System 

If your youtube sound not working then, you also need to check the sound system of your device. Ensure that the sound of your browser and device is set to a satisfactory point. 

3. Try to use a different browser

If the youtube volume not working then, you should try to use a different browser as the issue can be with the browser and not with the application itself. Try to use browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and others. 

Hope you can use the solutions that we are giving here to ensure that you can watch YouTube videos without any issues. You can also try to restart your device if the methods that we have given here do not work. 

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