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Fulfill your dreams with Red Coral (Moonga) stone

by Nathan Zachary

O God! Can I not grasp
Them with a tighter clasp?
O God! can I not save
One from the pitiless wave?
Is all that we see or seem
But a dream within a dream? – Edgar Allan Poe

‘Is that all that we see or seem/is but a dream within a dream’?

In simple terms, it asks us if there is any lasting or real effect of the things around us. In this imperfect world, there is always a ‘but’, and the Moonga stone is one of the astrological world’s most precious gemstones – to achieve all your dreams. Also known as praval or red coral gemstone, it is the answer to all of peace, harmony, and transformation.

The bright red coral gemstone is an organic gemstone formed by living organisms by marine creatures, also known as coral polyps or corallium robrum. Let’s see how it connects with our dreams.

The coral stone is worn by people to achieve their dreams and is the best gemstone to overcome fear and nervousness. Besides this, the gemstone has incredible healing powers to overcome skin problems such as boils, acne, and many others. Moonga plays an essential part in our lives. When you place it in your house, it will provide you with decorative pleasure and invite luck into your home.

It wakes the emotions of the individual and inspires them for creative work. The stone helps people suffering from anger, lack of compassion, and Manglik dosha.

Red coral stone colors

The coral gemstone was initially white, but its nature makes it red from white. You will also find this stone in pink, black, light, orange, yellow, or bright Red. Because of these colors, people get attracted to them, with their sharp cutting shape that looks adorable on the fingers.

Its natural form may look dull, but it has a beautiful appearance that makes it more desirable. It needs to be polished to give a glossy texture. The red coral is the best quality gemstone with solid color without any dark spots, stains, or smudge – Truly a piece of beauty.

Storing and cleaning of Pavalam

Coral stone is beautiful that falls into the naturally occurring stone category, just like pearlstone. It has a beautiful shiny texture and is so fragile that it can easily get bruised. To prevent it from scratching, you must place these stones in an isolated place. To clean the moonga, use warm soapy water and wash it with a soft clean towel.

What are the benefits of wearing pagadam?

Once the astrologer consults to wear the moonga stone, you can wear it. According to astrology, the Coral stone is regarded as the gemstone of the planet Mars with explosive and turbulent power. It increases courage and confidence in humans, removing obstacles in their lives. It also provides positive energy to the wearers and can quickly achieve their goals. This is also good for physical health as it heals diseases like bone marrow, lymph nodes, etc.

The coral is the lucky gemstone for the people with birth dates – 9, 18th, and 27th of every month. Wearing a stone is highly beneficial for the people if Rahu and Shani are in their horoscopes. It is believed to prevent the fear of ghosts and protect from evil eyes. You will undoubtedly feel an amazing change in your daily life if you start wearing them.

How should they be worn for maximum benefit?

According to astrological belief, one should wear this powerful stone on his/her ring finger of the right hand. It must be embedded in a golden ring, and if not possible, you can use it in a silver ring with a bit of gold. It is believed that Tuesday is a good day to wear this stone. It must be worn on Tuesday morning between 5-6 am before sunrise, during the increasing moon.

Moonga Stone Price

Though the munga Ratna is a precious gemstone, its price may vary according to the quality, color transparency, and finishing. It depends on the stone’s clarity, weight, cut, and shape. According to all these parameters, the price range exists between Rs 500 and Rs 1500 per carat.

You can buy these stones per your budget and customize them according to your choice and requirement. Sometimes, if the impurities are seen in the stone, the price will be lower.

How to identify the real moonga stone

There are many types of tests through which you can identify the real red coral.

Rub the gemstone with your fingernail, and if you hear the glass-rubbing sound, you can say that the gemstone is fake.
Real red coral gemstones have smooth, shiny surfaces.
Take a glass of milk and dip the stone in it; if the color of the milk changes, then you have an authentic red coral.
If possible, use a magnifying glass and put moonga on a white cloth. Observe the stone through the glass; if you get any granules, consider the stone fake.


From the above blog, you have realized how moonga stone benefits us in our daily lives. It has been worn for power and good health from the beginning of civilization. It is the perfect gem that can transform your life. It is this dream that keeps us alive, and we should all dream big to fulfill all the things in our life.

It might be a step in the right direction if you plan to buy a red coral gemstone. But make sure you purchase it from a trusted provider like Navratan.

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