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Furnishing Your New Business Premises

by Nathan Zachary

The premises you use for your business has an impact on how your business operates, and how it feels to visitors. If your business premises feel cold and off-putting, you could potentially end up losing your business. To ensure this does not happen, you need to furnish your new premises to ensure it is always welcoming and functional. Whether this is your first office, or you have upsized, it matters how you decorate and furnish.

Setting a Budget

Before purchasing any furniture for your new premises, you must set about setting a budget. A budget is going to tell you how much you can spend on furnishings and accessories (as well as how much you should spend). A budget for furnishings must cover all areas of your premises, from staff facilities, right through to customer receptions and entrances.

If you do not balance and distribute your budget and spending evenly, you will see it will have an imbalance in how uniform your premises look and feel.

Planning and Layout

Now that you are armed with a budget, you then must start looking at the proposed plans and current layout. Is the existing layout working well for your business, or is it making it feel old and outdated? Spending some time moving around the key areas of the premises, and ensuring that every area flows well, will prove invaluable.

For example, you want to look at the floor plan and see how much square footage you have to utilize. Is all of this floor space suitably utilized, or do you currently have dead spaces? You may also wish to look at the layout of the reception and see how welcoming it is for visitors. 

Creating a Welcoming Reception for Guests and Visitors 

Your business premises only have a few moments to make visitors feel welcome. If a reception area feels cold and unloved, it will put off most visitors, and create a negative impression. To create that welcoming reception, you will have to look at the decor, and also the furniture used.

From the reception desks you install, right on through to the lighting and soft furnishings you use to finish the space, it all matters. Think about what you would like to see when you first step into the business premises and see how the reception/entrance of your premises makes you feel. If you are not feeling warm and positive, then start to undergo those changes as soon as possible.

Choosing Suppliers

To successfully furnish your premises (no matter the budget or location size), you need to turn to the experts. If you are not using the experts to assist with furnishings, you will find that you will invest money, and see very little in return. Suppliers that have a positive reputation, together with industry experience, are suppliers that you should be focusing on. Looking at a supplier’s previous clients and makeovers, and seeing what results they produce is going to help you make the right choice.

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