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Furniture Removalists – Avoid Unlicensed Backyard Businesses

by Nathan Zachary
Interstate Furniture Removalists

Unlicensed “backyard businesses” are a large portion of the furniture removal industry in Australia. Thousands of consumers have reported their experiences with these companies, including having their goods left in a dangerous condition or being left out of pocket. If you’re considering hiring a furniture removalist, read on for some tips to ensure that you hire the best company.

Cheap Interstate Removalists

When you need to move from one city to another, you can look for Cheap Interstate Furniture Removalists in Australia to help you. Using an experienced removal company will guarantee a safe and efficient move. In addition, reputable companies are backed by insurance to protect your items in transit.

Unlicensed furniture removalists

Furniture removals in Australia are often unregulated, involving “backyard businesses”. Consumers have complained that these removalists have left them out of pocket, failed to show up on the date they’d agreed on or damaged their goods. Here’s how to protect yourself.

Cost of hiring a furniture removalist

The total cost of hiring a furniture removalist varies, depending on the size of the job and its difficulty. For instance, large furniture pieces will require the services of two or more removalists, which will make the job more expensive. It may also take longer, making the overall cost higher.

Tips for hiring a furniture removalist

Hiring a furniture removalist in Australia is an important decision if you want your belongings to be moved safely. However, this task requires a lot of research and time. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to reduce your stress levels when choosing a removalist. Firstly, consider what type of furniture you’re moving, and if you have a large house, ask for in-person quotes.

Insurance for furniture removalists

Professional removalists in Australia have a number of insurance options to protect your possessions during transit. The Australian Furniture Removers Association strongly recommends using a company with insurance as part of its service. These policies include third-party property insurance, motor vehicle insurance, and public liability insurance. While these policies will help protect your possessions from mishandling or theft, they are not comprehensive and may not cover every eventuality. If you’d like to be fully protected, you may consider purchasing a standalone moving or transit insurance policy.

Getting a quote from a furniture removalist

If you need to move house or office, you may wish to get a quote from a furniture removalist. These professionals are trained to follow instructions and ensure your furniture is relocated without damage or scratching. You can find a furniture removalist on a website such as Loadshift by posting your needs and filling out a quote request form. You can then get up to three free quotes to compare.

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