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Gain clients & influence markets with customized boxes: 6 suggestions

by Nathan Zachary
Custom boxes

One thing that every brand needs is an advanced number of clients. There are various ways for your companies to gain clients and using custom boxes is one of those ways. Often businesses tend to ignore the importance of custom packaging boxes. However, you shouldn’t do that. A book is judged by its cover and similarly a product is judged by its packaging. Therefore, your packaging boxes should be attractive enough to get the attention of potential clients.

In this article we will guide you how to get more clients using custom boxes.

Keep your audience in mind

When designing your custom packaging, you should always keep in mind your target audience. You should always do a thorough research about your audience and then decide the type of packaging you want to design. By this we mean, if you are selling products to clients belonging to their teenage – you should use vibrant colors, funky designs, etc. for your packaging. This is because such things will attract your target audience. Similarly, if you are selling an expensive product, your packaging should be minimal and sleek. This leaves a good impression on your clients and also attracts them to your brand.

Keep your product in mind

Another thing that should be kept in mind when preparing your custom packaging is the product that you’re selling. You cannot just use a cardboard box to sell any type of a product. Your packaging needs to have a proper purpose. It should be able to compliment your product. Every item such as food items, crockery, clothes, cosmetics, etc. need a different type of packaging.

For instance, if you’re selling crockery, you need to ensure the Mascara boxes that you use can protect the fragile product. Similarly, if you’re selling food items, you need to ensure that your packaging keeps the items hygienic and fresh. Thus, you should always choose the material, design, etc. of your product very carefully.

Don’t go overboard

Putting everything on your custom boxes is never a good idea. Your boxes should not be messy and should have a minimal design on it. You can use different types of boxes such as foldable boxes, slotted boxes, etc. However, on these boxes you should use a minimal design.

You should add your company’s logo on the box and maybe mention the ingredients on them. Apart from that, you can mention your contact information, but nothing more than this. You can also save space by adding a manual in your box instead of just adding all the information on your boxes.

Make your brand known

Your custom packaging can be your biggest marketing campaign. You can always market your product using their packaging. These boxes can help you create an identity for your brand. One of the best ways of doing this is by adding your logo on the box. This logo should be unique and different from the others. You should ask a professional to help you make a logo. You should use good printing and finishing techniques for this purpose. This will help you attract more customers towards your product and towards your brand.

Make use of good graphics

Graphics play a very important role in making your custom boxes attractive. Therefore, you should use the best graphics to design your boxes. You can always choose these graphics on your own or ask a professional to help you – it is always good to use a professional. Visuals play a vital role in making your custom boxes look attractive.

Therefore, you should invest a lot of time in choosing the right colors, printing and finishing techniques for your boxes. Your finishing and printing techniques ensure that all the details can be seen and are neat.

Use a good packaging texture

You have various options when it comes to packaging textures. The texture of your custom boxes is something that all customers take very seriously. You can choose in between Gloss/matte, Spot UV, aqueous coating, soft-touch coating, and laminations. You should choose the texture based on the type of product you are selling. If you are selling a high-end product, you should go for Gloss/matte texture as it gives a classy touch to your boxes. Use all of the tips given above and you will be able to gain various new clients.

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