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How to Become a Good Garments Exporter in Bangladesh

by Nathan Zachary
How to Become a Good Garments Exporter in Bangladesh

The exporter is a vital link between the garment industry and the customer. They are responsible for every task in the clothing manufacturing plant, such as shopping for the raw material needed to produce the product, creating the garment, finishing the garment, paperwork, and shipment. To be successful as a big garments exporter in Bangladesh, a man must gather a few specific qualities as he is the person responsible for making the product appropriately.

How to Become a Good Garments Exporter in Bangladesh

If you want to be a great Good garments exporter in Bangladesh and throughout the world, you must first prepare yourself by developing the following skills:

1. Excellent Connection Skills

To be a certified Exporter, it’s a prime and crucial issue. The technique in which the order is accomplished is entirely dependent on an Exporter’s exceptional communication skills. If you can easily communicate with the client and the manufacturer, the entire process of completing an order may be quite straightforward.

2. Textile Knowledge

A qualified Exporter must have the necessary fabric information. Textile knowledge helps an exporter at every stage of order procurement. As a result, fabric information is essential for a successful exporter.

If he/she has a solid academic background, such as fabric engineering, this is fine.  Nevertheless, if he/she comes from the general line, try to acquire a degree or certificate path on clothes Exporter.

3. Computer Skill

An ideal exporter desires to have sufficient knowledge of computer operation, particularly basic knowledge of MS Office. Since computers make it easier to create paintings that include price and consumption, time and movement plans, and so on.

E-mail writing is an excellent way to communicate with the client while utilizing a computer. The majority of client uses email to give approvals. Good email writing may have a one-of-a-kind impact. As a result, a great Exporter must grasp how to properly write an email. An Exporter must have developed a habit of responding to all emails without delay and must retain attentiveness in order to provide meaningful responses in a timely manner.

4. Planning

One of the most important parts of becoming a successful exporter is planning. To reach the shipment deadline, he must strictly follow a key path, time, and movement plan. He desires to be elaborate and professional in order to deal sensibly with the bottleneck scenario. The proper planning of an order procedure can help determine future profitability or loss. It’s all about having fun while planning ahead of time.

As a result, an Exporter should normally endeavor to make explicit preparations for the execution of an export order.

5. Good Knowledge of Costing

Basic math knowledge may be quite important to Export activities like cost, product price calculation, process calculation, and so on. If the wrong raw cloth is sourced, garments may suffer a significant loss, therefore having accurate costing information is critical.

An Exporter needs to know about the current market pricing of fabric and add-ons in order to reduce the price of the order. As a result, understanding the current market rate is critical for a great exporter.

6. Team Management Skill

The exporting profession is all about approximate team management. Humans work in groups in the Exporting branch. An ideal Exporter aims to manage the employees and participants in his branch and rely on the competence of various workers carrying out what is assigned to them. Team control is important for the execution of an export order. It increases order productivity. Team management aid in the advancement of an Exporter’s professional relationship.

7. Smartness

An ideal Exporter must be smart. He is a versatile character in the clothing department. Smartness is usually expressed on the outside. However, within the context of the clothing industry, Exporter’s intelligence is dependent on his work. A wise Exporter is a professional who maintains a commitment to Buyers and Suppliers. So you must be smart, educated, and strong in persona, as well as possess exceptional behaviors.

8. Keep Learning

An ideal Exporter must evaluate the foundations of clothing exporting on a daily basis. It should start from the beginning of your career to the end of your profession graph. He must be interested in replacing style fashion and visiting style-related change exhibitions, textile fairs, and garment fairs to gather knowledge.  He should never overlook On-the-job training. Cause activity education programs may significantly boost your self-esteem.

9. Excellent Knowledge of the World Market

If you want to be a qualified exporter, you must have appropriate knowledge of the current marketplace. Making an accurate fee is a critical component for a clothing exporter.

10. Maintain Good Relation

A good Exporter generally creates bonding with clients, workers, members of his branch, and various people in the clothing industry. A good relationship makes it easier to work well in a group and to build and maintain a strong ongoing relationship. Excellent customer service maintains healthy outcomes in long-term company connections. He must visit the supplier’s production facility, which is- fabric mills, embroidery factories, printing factories, and add-ons factories.


Exporting may be a difficult profession. You may build a better career in this field if you have the ability to control the environment of the garment industry. Exporting is one of the most profitable jobs in the world. Someone who wants to build a career in exporting and become a successful garments exporter in Bangladesh must keep those traits in mind.

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