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Gary Blom – Executive who Promotes Business Expansion into the USA

by Nathan Zachary

Gary Blom is currently a senior executive in the property data industry.  Gary Blom has more than 30 years of experience in the business world. He has dealt with a wide range of individuals, firms both large and small in many different sectors. Gary Blom attended school in Australia and started in business with QANTAS as a management trainee, before starting his businesses in Australia and abroad.

In 1978, Gary Blom created The Computer Company. It was a company that distributed hardware, software, and peripherals throught Australia.  The Computer Company was the first exclusive reseller of Panasonic and Mitsubishi’s microcomputers and personal computers in Australia.

Gary Blom then founded Attaché Software, a n accounting software company, in 1981. This company has continued to provide accounting software to businesses for the past 37 years. Initially the accounting software packages were available on IBM-compatible PCs. Gary Blom had a variety of business relationships with IBM.  Additionally, he secured agreements with IBM for software distribution in the US and Canada. One of Gary Blom’s biggest successes was being the founder of Attache Software. This business helped pave the way for Australia’s software sector and is still going strong today.

Since Attache’s Software, Gary Blom has been involved in several projects. He presently holds a number of director positions with a variety of companies.

Main Street Capital is a financial advisory company with its headquarters in Sydney, Australia, Main Street Capital offers financial advice and capital raising services to Australian and New Zealand businesses looking to enter the North American market. He has been an executive director of this company for more than fourteen years. He has helped several Australian businesses gain access to American financial markets. Overall, these years have been characterized by a variety of breakthroughs and accomplishments that have aided over 40 enterprises in entering the US market.

After leaving Attache Software, he founded Corporate Capital Group and served as managing partner for eight years. The firm grew under his leadership and established a solid partnership with the then-ninth-largest accounting company in the world, Laventhol, and Howarth. 

According to Gary Blom, the secret to growing these businesses is to develop various important skills, including sales and marketing, business administration, networking, creating fresh ideas, negotiating, and leading successful teams. Gary is enthusiastic about the difficulties businesses face, especially when it comes to carrying out sales plans, obtaining funding to support business expansion, and upholding connections with internal and external stakeholders.

Gary Blom’s most recent business venture is National Property Group. He serves as executive chairman, and the company’s purpose is to aggregate reliable, extensive property data from public and private sectors, providing users with a comprehensive data platform for all property professionals.  The company provides real estate agents and other property professionals with the property data they require when they need it, through our three tiers of service: data sharing for enterprises, business integrations, and office platforms.

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