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Get Your New Smile Today With Same Day Dental Implants!

by Nathan Zachary
same day dental implants near me

If you’ve been putting off that smile makeover you’ve been wanting, now’s the time to get started! At Dental Health Alliance, we provide same day dental implants so you can get your new smile fast and with just one appointment! It can take months to get dental implants in other places, but our close location to your home means we can give you your dream smile right away. We make it easy with same day dental implants near me, done the same day they were ordered!

Why Choose Same Day Dental Implants?

Traditional dental implants can take months to heal, but same day dental implants are available to get you back on your feet in a much shorter time. They are most often used when the original teeth have been lost due to tooth decay or gum disease and need replacement, or if there has been a traumatic injury. With no metal parts, they’re also a great option for those who have metal allergies, as well as those with dental implant removal concerns. Both patients and dentists love the convenience of same day dental implants because they offer many benefits that traditional dental implants don’t: less time without teeth, less discomfort during the process, no need for anesthesia and shorter healing times.

What To Expect During The Procedure

Dental implants are great way to replace missing teeth and improve your smile. The implant is inserted in the gum, and a crown or bridge is placed over it to make it look like your natural tooth. But what happens if you want to remove the dental implant? Here are some tips that will help you understand what to expect during the procedure. When removing dental implants, there can be bleeding and discomfort for about an hour after the surgery. However, these are just temporary side effects and should not worry you. If you feel any pain after surgery, take medication as prescribed by your dentist. You will also have to avoid foods high in protein for a few weeks following the surgery so that you do not cause irritation around the area where your dental implant was removed from.

Aftercare For Your New Smile

Dental implants removal is a two-step process that should be taken care of in close proximity to one another. First, the implant will need to be drilled out of your jaw bone. This is usually done by a dentist or oral surgeon. The second step is the dental implant removal surgery, which removes the implant from its socket and replaces it with a new tooth root.

The Benefits Of Choosing Same Day Dental Implants

What are the benefits of choosing same day dental implants? • Same day dental implants remove the need for temporary dentures. • The procedure is usually completed in a single visit. • It can be done without tooth extraction and will not require bone grafting. • The surgery is quick, taking an hour or less. • There is no visible scarring as there would be from regular implant surgery, which takes months to complete.

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