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Android phones are not always safe

by Nathan Zachary

Android phones today are continually implementing new technologies in order to protect consumer data. In addition to the traditional password option, practically all phones now include a fingerprint sensor. Some of the advanced features that can be found on higher-end smartphones are face scanners, fingerprint sensors built into the screen, and different encryption options.
Despite having so many incredible features, Android phones are not always safe. Persons may hand over their phones to other people for any reason. But the moment they unlock the phone and hand it to someone else, all the data is accessible to anyone who wants to see it. All of your documents and files are accessible to them, along with your photos, videos, and message history.................................................
Android users must keep their phones locked in order to protect their data. However, aside from that, they are placed in folders that are open to everyone for viewing. Because a lot of documents and other information on your phone may be private, it is essential to secure it. The majority of people, however, are unable to password-protect any files or folders on their Android phones. Users may encrypt any data they want on Android phones using a variety of methods, which is a blessing.
People can use a range of apps from the Google Play store to protect the data on their devices. Learn how to password-protect any Android phone files and folders in this tutorial. These are the best and safest apps in the Google Play Store, according to this ranking.

  1. Document Safe
    The answer is right there in the app’s name. The File Locker is without a doubt the finest way for individuals to protect their phones while minimising security risks. The File Locker is quite useful and easy to use. The first thing you need to do is download the app from the Play Store. Once the app has been downloaded and launched, a window similar to the one below will appear and prompt users to create a pin.
    2.Organizer Lock
    Users who don’t mind spending less than Rs. 300 (about $4) on trustworthy encryption for their files and folders may want to think about using Folder Lock. The majority of the top features are available after you have a premium subscription. The software has amazing functionality despite not being the most visually appealing.
    Users can access a private cloud service, lock as many files as they want, and even use unique features like the panic button. If users think someone is trying to peek at their data, they can quickly switch to another programme by pressing the panic button. The first step for everyone should be to simply download the Folder Lock software from the Google Play Store. A password creation prompt will appear as soon as the user instals and launches the program.
    a brand-new pin
    Then they will see every file that they have the option to lock using the software. All they have to do is click on the item they want to lock to add it to Folder Lock.
    Selecting a file or folder will lock it.
    To disable file encryption, users can choose certain files in the app and select Unhide. This information is all that Android smartphone users need to use the Folder Lock app.
    Third, Smart Hide Calculator
    The Smart Hide Calculator is one of the coolest tools for encrypting any file or folder a user chooses. It appears at first glance to be just a typical, fully working calculator app for a phone. But there is a clever way to protect each file and folder on Android phones with a password.
    The Google Play Store must first be used by consumers to get the Smart Hide Calculator. Users will be prompted to establish a password via the Smart Hide Calculator when they download and activate the app in order to access the vault. Users are required to type their password twice in order to confirm it.
    Put in the brand-new password.
    After entering the password, a screen that looks like a typical calculator will appear. Calculations can be done normally on this page. Users can nonetheless access the concealed files by simply entering their password and pressing the “=” symbol. We’ll open the vault’s door.
    Activate the equals (=) sign.
    When users enter the vault, options to hide, reveal, or even freeze apps are displayed. Clicking “Hide Apps” will cause a pop-up to display. When you’ve decided which apps to hide, tap “Ok.” Follow these steps with the Smart Hide calculator to protect any files or folders on your Android phone with a password.

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