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Godzilla Stroke While Trying to Read This, and Died [Viral Meme]

by Nathan Zachary

A reaction image, Godzilla F*cked up His Stroke While TRYING to Read This, is available from 1992’s Godzilla Vs. Mothra. It shows Godzilla lying motionless in a wheelbarrow. The photo was popularised on Reddit in June 2020. It was accompanied by unintelligible text and the caption “Godzilla suffered a stroke trying this to read it and f*cking died.”

Gizmodo published a collection of behind-the-scenes photos of Godzilla on August 29, 2012. It included a photo of Godzilla riding a wheelbarrow in the 1989 film Godzilla Vs Biollante _. TitanusMosura has received over 6,100 likes on 

TitanusMosuras iFunny posts from a year ago. 

Redditor TastyMeatBawls earned over 5,600 points (96 percent upvotes) within a month of posting the image as a response to Karen’s tweet on June 11, 2020, to r/facepalm. (shown below, right). Redditor theboi600000000000 posted another r/memes example on July 2, and within just 27 days, he had amassed more than 13,100 points, with 91 percent being upvoted (shown below).

Redditor is completely insane Redditor posted an incomprehensible tattoo to r/dankmemes on July 28. He used this response image (shown below) as a reply. It received more than 2,500 likes and was upvoted 94% of all time.


Godzilla Had a Stroke While Trying to Read this and Fucking died is a reaction photo of a behind-the-scenes-photo in which Godzilla lies in a wheelbarrow. This photo was made into a response image with the caption “Godzilla suffered a stroke while trying to read this” in May 2019. It became a popular Reddit image panel, often paired with unintelligible text in June 2020.


Gizmodo[1] published an assortment of behind-the-scenes Godzilla photos on August 29th, 2012. It included the image of Godzilla in a wheelbarrow, taken from 1989’s Godzilla vs Biollante_. TitanusMosura, an iFunny[2] user, posted the image on May 25th, 2019. She added the text “Godzilla had a stroke reading this and fucking dead” to the caption. The image received more than 6,100 likes within a year.


Redditor TastyMeatBawls posted this image on June 11, 2020, in response to a tweet by Karen to r/facepalm[3].) It received over 5,600 points (96% of them upvoted) within a month (shown below). Redditor the boi-6000000000 posted another example of his use of r/memes[4] on July 2nd. It accumulated more than 13,100 points (91%) in just 27 days (shown below).

Redditor -perfectly_insane – posted a bizarre tattoo to r/dankmemes[5] on July 28th and used the response image (shown below). In less than a day, the post received over 2,500 likes (with 94% of them upvoted)

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