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What Are Gojek Clone App Online Medical Consultation Services?

by Nathan Zachary
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Virtual clinics and online medical services are effective ways to battle pandemic situations like COVID-19. The safe digital consultation services allow patients to stay in their homes and consult trained and experienced doctors through video and phone format calls. The Gojek Clone App offers a similar service benefit to every app user. 

The biggest benefit of online medical consultation services is that patients can consult with a doctor for any health condition. The app further offers several features to help with the digital appointment setting. Let’s learn more about these medical consultation services. 

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Medical Services Offered on Gojek Clone App 

The medical services component is one of the best services that allows users to schedule appointments with the doctor, schedule online video consultations, and even get prescriptions delivered to their doorstep.  

Book an Appointment 

  • General Physician 
  • Physiotherapist
  • Nurse 
  • Physiologist

Online Video Consultation

  • General Physician
  • Neurologists
  • Physiotherapist
  • Cardiologists
  • Orthopedic
  • Pediatrician
  • Physiologist
  • Dietician

More Services

  • Pharmacy 
  • Ambulance 
  • Vet 
  • Blood bank 

The Gojek Clone App offers the best online consultation services. You can call it internet medical services. Besides the comfort and convenience, the app also offers them affordable and quick ways to get medical consultation services. 

Why Try Gojek-like App

The rapid growth of online medical services across the world has made people realize that treatment and consultation can be done on the phone instead of visiting the clinic. Here are some of the reasons why you should pay attention to virtual consultations with doctors. 

  1. Immediate medical attention 

Medical consultation is one of the best ways to get instant medical advice if a person starts feeling ill suddenly. Think of it as all your healthcare facilities at a click! The services are secured and even the doctor maintains confidentiality. 

  1. Access specialists in a click 

The Gojek Clone App gives you access to all the experts and specialists. In brief, you can save your time and money on every clinic visit. In brief, every patient can leverage the expertise of the medical professionals near the location by simply booking an appointment or scheduling online video consultation. 

  1. Compare the fee 

Patients can compare the doctor’s consultation fee, and depending on the budget they can book the consultation service. In other words, it is practically a cost-effective solution to consult a doctor.  When the users open the app and tap on the medical services, they can click on doctors. From the sub-category, make a suitable selection. 

Customers can filter the doctors based on their location, availability, rating & review, and the fee they charge. Therefore, this app component allows the customers to sit back in their homes and book doctor’s consultations online. 

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Gojek Clone App Online Medical Consultation Features 

The following are some of the most beneficial features of online medical consultation services. See how the application ensures every service is seamless and on point. 

  1. Track the ambulance

Customers can easily track the booked ambulance on the in-built map. The customer will receive the driver’s details on the app screen along with the option of in-app chat, voice call, and cancellation. They can also see the star rating of the ambulance driver and the vehicle model they are driving. 

  1. Place an order with a nearby pharmacy 

The users can place a medicine delivery order with a nearby pharmacy. By simply uploading the prescription on the app and adding the required medicines to the cart, the customers can place the order for the medicines they want to purchase. 

  1. Order blood plasma 

Your customers can order blood plasma from the app. The menu on the app displays every nearby blood bank near their location. Now, they can search for the blood type by typing a relevant keyword in the box and hitting the search button. From the results section, the customer can select the suitable option and add it to the cart. At the Checkout Page of the Gojek Clone App, they can select the payment option and place the order. 

In Conclusion: 

On the whole, the on-demand multi-service app also includes online medical consultation services. Your customers can now easily access emergency facilities through this e-healthcare solution. 
Think about developing an all-in-one app solution for your customers with a pre-built Gojek Clone App. Become an entrepreneur in only 1 to 2 weeks!

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