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Google Ads for Real Estate: A Comprehensive Guide

by Nathan Zachary
Google Ads for Real Estate

Today, we will discuss how to set up Google Ads for Real Estate. I will describe in detail the approach I use to produce approximately 100 leads each month for my real estate company.

Since I began running Google advertisements in 2016, they have been one of my most important sources of sales. I’ve created approximately 10,000 leads and made over $1,000,000 in commissions from Google leads over the course of this time period.

Over time, the platform’s usability has improved. After learning how to build up your first campaign, Google advertisements for real estate are rather simple to administer over time and enhance conversions.

What is PPC Marketing?

PPC stands for “pay-per-click” and refers to a form of digital marketing advertising campaign. A PPC campaign is ideal for a real estate agent in search of high-quality internet leads. These advertisements are paid for, thus they are not a natural method of generating leads. When it comes to advertising on search engines, pay-per-click ads perform the best.

When a user inputs a search query into a search engine, a list of sponsored links will appear at the top.

The advertiser pays a tiny charge to the search engine whenever a user hits a sponsored link.

This is advantageous for the advertiser, which in this case is a real estate agent, because they only pay when a potential client clicks on their ad. This is a cost-effective method, especially for rookie real estate brokers, to generate more leads from their advertisements. Instead of paying for all website traffic, you only pay for the most relevant visitors.

And if you make a sale or get a client as a result of a user clicking on your ad, then the cost paid to the platform in exchange for the business was worthwhile.

PPC advertisements may be utilized by any form of real estate firm, including commercial real estate, real estate agencies, and real estate investors.

How do Google ads function?

Real estate professional may find Google Ads to be the most popular PPC advertising platform.

This is due to the fact that Google, being the most popular search engine, has a significant impact on the real estate business. It is a popular tool for buyers and sellers to view listings, so advertising with local real estate brokers will yield the best results.

With Google PPC advertising, a bidding structure is utilized. Each user places a bid for a certain term.

Then, whenever a user searches for that term, the Google algorithm essentially picks which terms to display to that user. This determination is based on a number of variables, such as how well your landing page is set up and optimized for a clear user experience, how relevant the keyword is in your ad, the quality of the ad copy itself, and Google’s quality score for your advertisements.

This quality score is determined by your click-through rate, conversion rate, landing page layout, and relevance to the keyword that was searched.

Moreover, keyword research will be crucial to the development of the ideal advertisement campaign. The process of conducting keyword research should also be ongoing, as the terms that your target audience searches for evolve over time.

Create a list of potential terms for which your ad can rank using a keyword research tool. Then, return to this list and update it at least once per month to ensure you have the best chance of reaching your target.

New Campaign Creation

Use your current Google account or create a new account. Google AdWords should be use instead of AdWords Express.

Network Lookup

My advertising are remove from the search and display networks. I want my Google ad to appear in the main feed only when users conduct a search using the precise terms I specify. This provides me greater control over the audience I am targeting and who responds to my ad.


Be sure to optimize your marketing for generating leads. This informs Google that the ad’s objective is to convert visitors into leads. This will assist Google in delivering your advertisements to those prospective customers who are most likely to submit a form on your website.

Website Visits

Add your website so that Google can track whether or not the lead goal has been met. Use this instead of your root domain if you have a specific goal success page.

Efforts by postal code

I like to organize my campaigns by postal code. If you are in a tiny market with little searches for a certain zip code, you can use the complete city or county name. Whichever is most relevant.

Establishing a budget

Utilize whatever you find most comfortable. I frequently see agents pay between $10 and $70 per lead for Google leads. Typically, the cost of leads is lower the smaller the market size. This will be an experiment involving trial and error. It also depends on the page’s conversion rate. The cost per lead will be higher if the site is insufficiently attractive.

Should Real Estate Agents Use Google Ads?

So, should your firm utilize Google ads for real estate? Many new agents attempt Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, only to become disheartened by the outcomes.

It is essential to keep in mind that a Google advertising campaign is a long-term approach. Create a business plan and follow it for at least one year before considering quitting. In order to establish a better efficient approach, it is always possible to make adjustments to your plan as you progress.

And when you are just beginning, it is more effective to bid on more narrow, smaller real estate keywords with less search volume.

This can help you achieve a higher ad position in search engine results and increase the number of leads generated by your real estate website.

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