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Google Business Profile Reviews – Is It Good For Me?

by Nathan Zachary

One of the most powerful features of Google Business Profile is the ability to
monitor and respond to your customers’ reviews.

Google Business Profile What is it?

Google Business Profile is a Google platform where customers can register their
opinion after receiving a service or product from the business. The response can be
positive / negative or neutral and the level of satisfaction from the business can be
rated from 1 to 5 stars. Managing reviews in Google Maps for Business is critical and
essential because potential customers read these reviews before deciding to make a
deal with the business and also, from a branding point of view it is desirable for the
business to have as many stars in the rating. Maximum rating shows a lot of satisfied
customers A 1 star rating and lots of negative reviews indicates a business that is not
worth buying from.
All the businesses and companies that appear in Google Business Profile must know
that the business life, the business reputation and the main marketing of the
business are built from the reviews and ratings given on the various sites, social
networks and of course in Google Business Profile.
“What will they think of the business” is the core phrase of any small, medium and
large business owner – to do this you need to know how to deal with the negative
reviews? Is it possible to delete a negative review? How are lessons learned? And
how do you encourage positive Google reviews and high ratings?

Negative hotel reviews

Someone wrote a negative review in Google Business Profile, what do we do now?
It is important to know, negative reviews and even negative ratings are extremely
important to the business and should be taken seriously.
Dealing with negative reviews in Google Business, can not include pressure,
recklessness, cynicism and certainly not a customer attack.
Many businesses make the common mistake in the book and if they decided to treat
a negative review, did not check and investigate the review case (maybe the review
is justified), did not reflect to the customer and reviewers what is done to check and
what is done so that such cases do not return in the future. .
Therefore, an important law in dealing with negative reviews – negative reviews
should be treated and the customer’s review should not be attacked or
Many customers turn to us with the question: “Is it possible to delete negative
reviews in Google Business? Is it possible to delete low ratings in Google”? The
unequivocal answer is that you can not delete reviews and ratings from Google
Business Profile, but you can deal with the review and maybe even get the
disappointed customer to delete the review himself (unless it is a fake review of
competitors of course).
If a customer has criticized you in a negative review and at any level of criticism,
other than investigating the case and the respectful reference, you should strive to
contact the customer or at least respond to his response.
Contacting the client can allow you to explain the case investigation in depth and of
course offer him tailored compensation, the ultimate goal is to motivate the client to
the action of deleting the audit.
The customer’s compensation action may well cost you in expenses for the business
/ company, but nevertheless the action is worth it in the long run when it comes to
marketing a positive reputation for the business, if the customer refused to delete
make sure to update the entire process.

Positive Encouragement: How do you prevent negative reviews on Google and social

Every business or company that provides services to different customers – exposed
to criticism, your goal as business owners / company or marketing managers is to
prevent the routine situations (not an extreme case) from reaching a negative
complaint or criticism.
Through the simple operation, in an internal services discussion, raise all the
common complaints and criticisms that have reached the business / branch / the
entire company and make sure to create “service covers” that provide a solution in
the field for every common case.
Encouraging positive reviews is a marketing action that can be done in a variety of
ways, for example placing a position where you can connect to Google and visit a
positive review instead, condition an additional discount in exchange for a positive
review (real and no pressure), automatic system to send SMS to customer, Facebook
chat bot that can Encourage positive criticism and more.
In an age where prices are almost the same and competition is extreme, good
service can make a big difference and you do not want to create a wave of negative
reviews or extreme customers that with limited activity can hurt you in marketing
and sales.
On various social networks and especially in Google Business Profile, you can find
negative reviews that do not reconcile with reality, have never actually happened
and many times the ones behind these reviews are your competitors “in their own
right” and themselves.
The solution is already in front of you, as we recommended at the beginning of the
article – you must interrogate each and every event, you must ask the complaining
customers for cooperation, strive to contact us and provide a visible public final
answer as soon as possible.
If the complaint is clearly unjustified or has not happened at all in reality – you must
reflect this respectfully and gently to the audience of reviewers.

Remove a negative review from Facebook or Google

Is it possible to purchase positive reviews and ratings?
The answer is yes, you can purchase a pack of positive reviews and ratings to bounce
the business to its true place.
As you have already understood, reviews on Google Business Profile and social
networks can often be attacked by your competitors, if you have been attacked by
bad reviews in a short period of time – you can rehabilitate your Google Business
Profile page with a package of positive reviews and rankings.
Purchasing the positive reviews is completely discreet and is kept secret with any
company or business (including their executives).
The purpose of the package of reviews and positive ratings is to provide a marketing
lifeline for businesses that suffer from unjustified negative reviews, companies and
businesses that have undergone a transformation and want to adapt the reviews and
ratings to the new reality or company / business seeking to respond to competitors’
Let’s talk for a moment about business reviews
Or at all about criticism.
Criticism is perceived as something negative, whether it is not a relationship
between friends, family and certainly in business. Criticism is the exposure of
another person’s thoughts, whether he or she is a friend or a customer of the

So why do we still need to get customer reviews?

We live in an age where everything is transparent, the product of the business, the
service of the business, the price, its advantages and disadvantages. One of the tools
by which a customer can measure your business and consider whether to buy your
product or service is through looking at reviews given to you.
Where do the reviews of your business appear?
Business criticism today can appear in several places:
On your Facebook page
In a customer’s independent post about your business
In Google’s reviews of my business on the main page
On sites like Zap, Rank, Yelp, Booking, etc. that rank registered businesses
Remember – a good review is a sign of business credibility!
Reviews that appear on Google for my business are one of the first places that
potential customers are looking for information about your business! If they find a
reasonable number of positive reviews, this will significantly influence their purchase
Customers are looking for social proof from other customers if they are satisfied.
Once you open the business page, using Google Business Profile you as a business
owner can respond to the reviews left by your customers, both positive and
negative. Responding to positive reviews can be a great way to strengthen contact
with satisfied customers.

There are also negative reviews

Sure say, what to do with the negative reviews? For, there are some as well.
Responding to negative reviews allows you as a business owner to repair broken
customer relationships, respond publicly in a professional manner and alleviate the
concerns that the negative review may create in future customers.
Google reviews for my business are not only the most direct way to connect with
satisfied and dissatisfied customers, but to present your professionalism to future
Customers love to know that businesses love them and can respond professionally
and quickly to any question they have.

In conclusion

Google Business Profile is a powerful tool for local businesses. It gives business
owners the opportunity to show presence, with the help of eye-catching photos and
videos. As a business owner, you have the ability to respond to customers publicly
and strengthen your credibility in the eyes of a potential customer with the help of
Google reviews of my business.
But most of all, Google Business Profile gives local businesses a quick and easy way
to ensure that all the information listed on them in Google is accurate and up to
date, making their business more accessible to potential customers.

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