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How You Can Get a Government Tender License as a Highway Contractor

by Nathan Zachary
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In Bangladesh, it is very important to interact with the public sector when you need to propose a highway contract. You must guarantee that everything is ideal. Although it can seem complicated at first. However, in this article, we will break it down into easy steps and provide our best bidding advice for all tender notices.

Guidelines for Tender Highway Contracts in Bangladesh

You should select just the bids where you have a decent probability of winning. The tendering procedure requires time. You should spend time seeking the “best fits” rather than spending time bidding on projects you won’t win and making them all available online.

A tender must be handled by a team that includes important people, administrators, and management personnel, and consider employing external “assets” like consultants. Moreover, you should take the buyer’s needs into account. That is the key to a winning presentation.

Verifying that the contract opportunity is appropriate for your organization is vital. Also, assess if you are qualified before deciding to make a bid by posing the following queries to yourself:

  1. You have to see if the contract is available. Also, you have to know if you can provide evidence of your delivery.
  2. If it’s a strategic match for your company.
  3. If your chances of success are good or not. Try to determine who your possible top rivals are and how you stack up.
  4. Lastly, if you see yourself satisfying all minimum requirements and assessment standards. If not, you run the danger of failing the initial assessment.

Before writing a proposal, make a plan for your submission or simply copy and paste the essay from another tender. Each proposal will have time restrictions, but setting aside some time at the start of the tender process can help you understand the tender, prevent missing anything, and set clear goals and objectives. Therefore, for the bid to stay on track, set more reasonable timelines.

It’s not uncommon to hear phrases like “it’s a fix” or “don’t worry, the authority knows us and we will get this contract.”The tendering procedure for a contract must be fair and open, even though you could be friends with the contracting body.

Your judgment will be based purely on the tender you provide, not on any past relationships or assurances that everything will be well. You may lose the contract to the business that won the tender with a better score than you did. Similarly, just because you are new to a certain authority doesn’t guarantee that you won’t get the job.

To submit any tender bid, make sure you have a plan in place, are aware of the dates for contract expiration and renewal, and have the team or resources required.

Before submitting your proposal, try to assess it and ensure its quality wherever possible. Keep looking for opportunities to submit your next offer if your initial tender submission was rejected.

if the reviews are not mentioning you or provide you with any constructive criticism. Then, you must ensure that the information you have provided is entirely unconnected to the subject at hand. You must thus make sure that your remarks are always relevant, succinct, and free of long tales if you want to attract attention. Also, keep the information brief and make compelling arguments. If you want to leave a favorable impression and increase your chances of winning bids.

An answer that is too brief or superficial may prevent you from taking advantage of prime bid-winning prospects. Along with that, the descriptions and proposals must be comprehensive to be taken seriously. Convince the tender reviewers of the specifics of the items they are acquiring. Also, make sure the reviewers are well aware of the product they are purchasing.

To increase your chances of being hired, it might be tempting to make several bids for projects. By creating a tender evaluation process, a business may more clearly identify the tenders. This will help to successfully and efficiently deliver.

Registration and licensing procedure

The construction industry has contributed recently to the increase in the GDP of Bangladesh. This encouraged investment in this industry from both domestic and international firms. Investors that are interested in starting a business in this area must first elect to establish an entity. They can choose to form a partnership, sole proprietorship, branch office, or private limited company as a legal organization.

The process of forming a corporation begins with obtaining the Name Clearance certificate from the Company House, Registrar of Joint Stock and Companies (RJSC), as well as the creation of the Company’s Articles and Memorandum of Association, Form XII (Director’s Particulars), and Form IX (Director’s Consent), all of which must be completed by the shareholders. The essential paperwork indicated above, the signed MOA and AOA, and the necessary payments must be presented to the RJSC.

Executing a partnership deed between the partners and registering the partnership with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms are two ways to start a partnership firm (RJSC).

No partners are involved in the establishment of this kind of company. A trade license, a personal TIN, and a VAT certificate are required to do business through such an organization, which can only be created by a citizen of Bangladesh.

Before and after establishing a corporation, branch office, single proprietorship, or partnership in Bangladesh, legal assistance is necessary. When establishing a business, branch office, sole proprietorship, or partnership, all original, signed papers and pertinent paperwork must be presented to the appropriate government agency. Otherwise, there is little doubt that the application will be denied.

Infrastructure Construction by Individuals/Companies and Public Sector Infrastructure Compliances are fundamentally dissimilar from one another. Infrastructure projects involving the construction of buildings and housing necessitate the execution of a construction contract with the landowner and the construction owner outlining the terms and conditions of the agreement under the Contract Act 1872, including the time limit within which the construction will be completed, the handover date of the property, termination clause, etc. Adherence to the Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC) 2006 is required for the constructor.

Regardless of nationality, every worker hired by the construction company must have an appointment letter signed by the business.

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In conclusion, bidding for a highway contract in Bangladesh might seem like a difficult procedure. If you comprehend the tendering procedure and use our advice, your chances of success will rise. To get the most out of our advice, you must carefully consider it.

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