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Great Tools For Your Content Marketing Strategy

by Nathan Zachary

Do you know the main tools for your Content Marketing strategy? Currently, we are subjected to an enormous amount of information. In this way, attracting your target audience goes through the creation of relevant and important content for the main target.

In this sense, Content Marketing is positioned as essential to attract the public, convert them into customers and retain them. However, to develop a successful strategy, you will need to be familiar with different tools.

Content Marketing, according to the Content Marketing Institute, can generate three times more leads than SEM. In other words, it is an organic strategy capable of providing greater results than all those paid actions that seek to position themselves in search engines.

What is content marketing?

Currently, being relevant to potential customers is equivalent to being visible on the web. The question is no longer to be or not to be. Right now, the important thing is to capture the attention of the public through relevant content that adds value.

Content Marketing is a marketing strategy that aims to attract leads and customers through valuable and important content.

In this way, Content Marketing is able to engage customers actively. What are its effects? Through relevant content, it is possible to generate engagement with the public and be one step closer to creating a positive perception of our brand.

Essential tools for Content Marketing

Unlike paid strategies, which allow immediate results, content marketing requires an investment of both time and effort. Do you know what tools can help you get original content to reach your customers? We propose eight tools that will become essential in your Content Marketing strategy:

WordPress: one of the CMS (Content Management Systems) par excellence 

This software allows people without technical knowledge to create, administer and manage web content in a simple and intuitive way. Don’t know how to code? WordPress will make content creation a much easier task thanks to an interface that is reminiscent of Microsoft Word.

In addition, WordPress allows you to install different plugins that will facilitate this task.  

Google Search Console: A free tool for Google to properly index and crawl your website

If you have a company or are managing a website, this tool will be of great help to your work. What are the main utilities of Google Search Console ?:

  • Verify that Google indexes and crawls your website
  • Show the backlinks your website is getting
  • Notify the existence of indexing or other problems on your website
  • Analyze how users reach your content
  • Investigate your website traffic data in searches

SemRush: a must for search engine rankings

This tool is basically for SEO, offering us information about the keywords that are being used to perform organic searches. Likewise, it is also a great tool for SEM by providing accurate information related to paid searches (Ads, PPC).

Do you want to do a comprehensive keyword search and don’t know which tool to choose? SemRush allows you to analyze keywords or check the search intent of users. And with it, create quality content.

Creator Studio: a tool for community managers

It is a free Facebook tool to make the work of social media managers more efficient and easier. In it, it is possible to add all the accounts you manage, both Facebook and Instagram, to schedule content, edit it, or respond to comments and messages quickly and easily.

Creator Studio brings together all your accounts in the same space, also providing the option of monetization and measurement of content management.

Google Trends: essential to explore and discover trends

Do you want to know what topics are currently trending worldwide? Content creators know how difficult it can sometimes be to create topical content to reach your target audience. Many times, ideas run out.

Google Trends allows you to create content according to what is being searched for at that very moment. Thus, thanks to this tool, it is possible to find topics on which to create content that perhaps we did not know about.

Likewise, it is a tool that can greatly help the local SEO strategy, discovering the topics being talked about in our region.

Pexels: a free image bank that will become your great ally

Many times, a picture is worth a thousand words. Like the written content, audiovisual support is just as important. An image can help you win users’ attention, but it is necessary to have a source from which to obtain them. In this sense, visual content is much more likely to be shared through social networks than other types of content.

Pexels has a multitude of high-quality images at no download cost. All of them are labeled in a simple way so that you can find them with just a couple of clicks.  

DesignEvo: for the creation of logos quickly and intuitively

DesignEvo allows the creation of logos to add value to your brand. Design through DesignEvo is simple. It is not necessary to have knowledge in graphic design to be able to obtain great results.

FlexClip: one of the best video content creators

Videos are the most popular content online. This web browser-based program can help you create videos for social networks, your business, education, and many more. The highlight spot of FlexClip is its beautiful and cool templates.

Trello: how to get a good organization with your content team

If you work as a team, it is essential to coordinate to achieve success. Trello is a visual tool that allows you to know the status of the different content tasks.

Reach your target through content

If you have a business and want to reach your audience, it is essential to provide them with value, and content is the vehicle for this. These content marketing tools are part of the essential kit for its creation and management.

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