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Guide to the Phantom Galaxies

by Nathan Zachary

Phantom Galaxies has an expansive world, realistic ships and combat, and an engaging plot. The finest aspect of this P2E game is that players can acquire unique mechs, avatars, and even interplanetary property.

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What are Phantom Galaxies exactly?

Phantom Galaxies features a vast universe, incredible Starfighter combat, and a story that will keep players coming back for more. Avatars, mechs, and space property can be owned by players on a planet-wide scale.

With gorgeous, high-definition visuals, a vast universe of content and quests, challenging and strategic mech combat, and a narrative filled with memorable action and characters, this is the most cutting-edge blockchain game experience currently accessible. Two of the greatest gaming software firms, Blowfish Studios and Animoca Brand, combined to create this game.

Past Phantom Galaxies is already playable in public Alpha, and the beta version’s early access release date is slated for the third quarter of 2022. Three of the four episodes are already connected in the Alpha version, and the fourth will be accessible following the publication of the beta version.

Blowfish Studios and Animoca Brands, the developers of Phantom Galaxies, are utilising decentralised technology and blockchain assets to create a fascinating science fiction action space shooter including epic mech and Starfighter combat and exploration for gamers.

Despite some controversy surrounding the game, which was the largest to be announced on the blockchain to date, including bot troubles, server glitches, and even spam or phishing websites, the project is hailed as the future of the gaming industry.

How do Phantom Galaxies function?

Even in Alpha, Phantom Galaxies has shown to be a top-tier third-person action RPG with a shared-world space setting. It provides players with access to the numerous benefits of blockchain gaming while meeting the expectations of traditional gamers with its solid gameplay mechanics.

During gameplay, the player controls a pilot who can immediately morph into a highly configurable, stat-variable mech suit. The four varieties of mech suits now accessible to players are Lancer, Buster, Breacher, and Assault.

The architecture of a lancer suit is comparable to that of an assassin: it is designed for speed and stealth. The Buster is a gunner-type class since it owns a broad armoury of weapons.

While Assault-class mechs are designed for normal commando missions, Breachers are trained to employ melee weaponry.

Regularly, players can modify their equipment and get in-game benefits. A trade station is available for gamers to exchange goods.

In the blockchain game, NFTs are heavily emphasised because they enable players to purchase and obtain in-game assets such as spacecraft, avatars, mechs, and other items.

To complete objectives, players must solve puzzles, collect resources for creations, manage markets, and construct businesses. Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, serve a purpose in the game and are associated with characters and things. There are permanent ownership records for these digital assets on the blockchain.

Phantom Galaxies and NFTs

The player’s primary weapon for combat and exploration in Phantom Galaxies is a mechanised Starfighter. Each Starfighter has an NFT that describes both its external and internal attributes.

Throughout the lifetime of a Starfighter, numerous tokens must fuse. Despite the fact that certain NFTs are consumed during the fusion process, others have an impact on the specific outcome.

Cryptocurrencies and tokens in Phantom Galaxies explained Phantom Galaxies will feature a variety of in-game NFTs with actual digital ownership, allowing their owners to control and benefit from them. Phantom Galaxies will offer a range of non-fungible (unique) and fungible (not unique; interchangeable) tokens for usage in administration, Starfighter fusion, and access to certain activities. The in-game resources and minerals will be replaced with uncapped fungible tokens that may be collected in the open universe and exchanged on the Phantom Galaxies market.

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