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Halfway House in Tennessee: Winning the Battle Against Cravings

by Nathan Zachary

One of the best places to reside after your recovery program is a sober facility. It is not mandatory to spend time in the facility after recovery. However, addiction specialists strongly recommend doing so. 


One of the main reasons to stay in a halfway house after your detox therapy is to learn to fight cravings. 

Cravings will exist even after recovery programs, say experts. You ought to learn to live with them. With time, cravings subside. As the brain adapts to function without the drug or alcohol (which takes time), you get lesser cravings in the future. 

But as of now, you must cope with cravings. 

With a 24×7 sober environment in the house, you have no choice but to stay sober. Somehow you must learn to live despite wanting to have a drink or have a snort. 


Most sober facilities have a fixed routine that keeps each inmate preoccupied. There are no erratic hours in the facility. 

For example, you cannot stay up late at night. Some of the facilities are so strict they have the lights out at a particular time in the evening. This gives you no time or opportunity to think about drugs or alcohol. 

If you stay up at later hours, you might get a craving. But sleeping on time and waking up early on time helps your body create a rhythm and this, eventually, helps you win the battle against cravings. 

This is just one example of how you learn to schedule your time to tilt your lifestyle towards healthy. 

Rules of a halfway house play a vital role in helping inmates fight cravings successfully. 

Doing what you love

During active addiction days, the only thing you loved to do was drink or do drugs (mostly). However, when you are in a house, you realize there are more things you love to do. 

For example, somebody might be a guitarist. Somehow their love for the guitar took a backseat when all they wanted was to get high. 

Now, with no drugs or alcohol, your brain starts seeking pleasure in other things. It is then you remember your guitar! Slowly, you begin to take interest in other activities of life. It’s like you are back to living life.

Most sober facilities encourage inmates to indulge in recreational activities in which they pursue their hobbies, meditate, play sports, go out for a while, or simply relax in their room. All this helps to revive the brain. 

Complete recovery

To your surprise, there is no such thing as complete recovery. According to experts, recovery is an ongoing process. It carries on for life. Do not think you will never get a craving once you are out of the house. Craving can strike you anytime, anywhere. 

However, living in a place like a halfway house in Tennessee arms you with the tactics to fight the cravings. 

So if you have just finished your drug detox, time to find a sober facility near you. Techcrams

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