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A World Of Traditional Hand Block And Screen Printing

by Nathan Zachary
screen printing

Screen Printing

The origin of screen printing is traced from China near 960AD. Later, many other countries adopted this procedure. It is a technique where a screen or a mesh is used to apply ink on the fabric with the help of a blocking stencil. The screen is made from fine nylon, polyester, silk, or metallic fibers. Various types of mesh sizes are available that determine the final look of the fabric. It is the best way as with other color transferring methods, a large number of screens are required if different colors have to be added. Moreover, the width of the screen is also important as that makes printing much easier and faster. And a large number of fabrics can be printed at once.

Types of screen printing

Though there are various methods still, the most common are flatbed press and rotary screen.

Flatbed press- It is the basic and least expensive. Done with a flatbed that is stuck with the fabric for screen printing. But the only limitation of it is that only one color can be used at a time. Furthermore, every print’s color will be darker than other types of screens as in this all the four basic colors pass through the fabric like the cylinder presses.

Rotary Screen- In this drums or cylinder screens are revolved on the fabric. It holds the color inside and each color is applied evenly when the procedure is being carried out. This technique is a bit expensive as it requires more complex machines and high quality materials.   

Advantages of screen printing

This procedure is fruitful as the same design can be replicated as many times with the help of the stencil. Along with that even on darker fabrics prints can be easily seen. And if designed by a professional many complex designs with multiple colors can be crafted. 

Hand Block

When covered the footsteps of its origin, it was traced that it was from India, China and other more south eastern countries. This art can be imprinted on any outfit from formal wear to semi formal or casual. It is done with the help of a carved wood or other block, giving style and comfort altogether. 

Types of Hand Block

There are two types of block printing that are famous in Rajasthan, Sanganeri and Bagru. Except these other hand block prints are, kalamkari, dabu, ajrak, and many more. And it is its quality that every fabric that is hand printed will differ from each other, even if the design is same. It is a unique way of carrying the essence of the traditional roots, and to feel the rich culture.   

Sanganeri print- although all these look somewhat same but there is a little difference, as it is done on light shades of the fabric. 

Bagru print- It is printed on darker shades of fabric. 

Dabu print- This word is derived from the hindi word which means ‘pressing’, done with a mud resistant technique.

Kalamkari print- An ancient method especially done on cotton and silk fabric. The word is derived from two words, pen means ‘kalam’ and craftsmanship means ‘kari’. Craftsmen use their pens to create free hand drawings.  

Advantages of Hand Block 

Customization of designs and colors can be done in order to look different. But the prices may vary depending upon the designs, still it is affordable by everyone. Not only for women, but these days men are also showing their love for this in kurtas. It can be done on any desired fabric. 

Benefits of having these mesmerizing techniques at wholesale

In recent times people have shown their strong love for customized clothes and these can be acquired by these techniques. Although they are unique and sometimes time consuming, it is beneficial to buy wholesale fabric. As the fashion trends change everyday, everyone needs something new, but these styles will never go out of trend.

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