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Here Are the Best Tips for Moving Into San Francisco 

by Nathan Zachary

Moving from a current location to a different one is a significant undertaking. You should always ensure you are sure about making that change in your life. One place you should consider relocating to is San Francisco. From the fantastic weather and food to everything in between, the city is one of the top cities in America.  

Whether you decide to live in the Mission or Nob Hill, every neighborhood has its charm and personality. Below are tips you can use to make your transition to SF easier. 

  1. Find a Good Moving Company 

Getting a moving truck and packing everything you own is a good idea. Yet, you may need an international moving company to help you relocate if you want to settle in San Francisco from overseas. San Francisco Bay Area International Movers are a group of international movers based in San Francisco that ensure your belongings safely arrive when relocating. They primarily operate in areas around the bay, such as Oakland, Alameda, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain View, Menlo Park, Livermore, and Union City. 

  1. Insure Your Furniture 

Before you think about settling down in San Francisco, make sure that your insurance policy covers all your furniture and that any items that cannot be covered are packed up properly. You should also have a list of all household items that need to be moved with you. This list will help with the packing process and help you track what needs to be taken care of after the move is complete. 

 3. Find a Storage Facility 

When moving, you may discover that you need help moving some items with you. Examples of such items include an antique table or a large piece of furniture. It is essential to find a storage facility to store such items until you can remove them from their current location. 

4. Start With the Basics 

Newbies must know what they need before looking for apartments or houses. This will help them understand the basic requirements for living in this city and also help them choose their next home accordingly.  

It is always better to start with the basics rather than try out different things later when it becomes difficult. For example, suppose you want to get an apartment. It is better to look at some apartments already available in the city rather than trying out different types of apartments and then deciding whether they fit your requirements. 

5. Learn About Housing Options 

If you’re planning on moving into an apartment or condo with roommates or friends, know what options are available before you leave home. Many excellent websites offer information about housing options in San Francisco and other areas around the city (like Craigslist). Suppose you have questions about what’s available in the area you’re considering living. In that case, these websites will give you some insight into what’s available so that you can make an informed decision rather than blindly signing up for anything just because it sounds good at first glance. 

Image source; https://unsplash.com/photos/mYxzG5NwDNs  

6. Check Out Your Apartment Before Moving In 

There are instances when city apartment complexes have lengthy hallways, small elevators, and narrow doorways. Check out your new apartment thoroughly before you move in. Most of San Francisco’s apartment buildings date back to the early 20th century and may be smaller than the typical Bay Area apartment. These flats frequently have odd angles, nooks, and stairwells.  

Inform your movers that there are stairs present. Ask the apartment management whether the freight elevator can be rented for the movers for a few hours if there is one. The transfer will be more effective and less expensive the faster it is completed. 

7. Figure out Your Budget 

You should know where your money is going before moving, which will help you know if you have enough money to live comfortably in San Francisco. You can also use online tools to see how much money you have saved up and what expenses are coming up in the future. This will let you know if there is anything that may cause problems down the road or if things need to be taken care of immediately so that they don’t become problems later on. 

Image source; https://images.unsplash.com/photo-1560520653-9e0e4c89eb11  

8. Start Saving 

It’s essential to start saving money for your move early so you don’t have to scramble when you arrive in San Francisco. You’ll want to save enough money to pay your rent, utilities, and food expenses in advance. This way, when it comes time to move out, there won’t be any surprises. 

9. Get a Credit Report 

Before moving to San Francisco, you must get a copy of your credit report from each of the three major credit reporting agencies. It can be difficult for people with bad credit histories to get loans or lines of credit for things like cars or homes once they move out of state or country into another location where they don’t have good credit histories. 

10. Learn About the City Before Relocating 

To find the best neighborhoods in San Francisco, you must find out which ones are popular with locals and tourists. In addition, you need to get a feel for the community by walking around and observing what kind of stores or restaurants are nearby. This will help you choose a neighborhood where lots of people live and visitors who want to visit because they heard about it from someone else. 

11. Check Out the Public Transportation System 

Suppose you’re moving here from somewhere else. In that case, chances are good that you’ll be taking public transportation around town first, so you’ll have some familiarity before actually getting on your own two feet here. Having this knowledge will make things easier once you arrive in town. It will help you find places around town when you first move in because knowing where things are located will make it much easier for yourself and others around town if they need something done during the day or night (e.g., groceries, restaurants). 

Wrapping Up 

Moving to San Francisco is a great experience. There are a lot of activities and factors that make it a great city to live in. From charming sidewalk cafes to stunning city parks to having great folks to hang with, this city will blow you off your feet. You will therefore live to cherish the decision to move there.  

It would help if you talked with some people who have done it before. They can give you more tips and suggestions and help you avoid pitfalls. So, get started right now on making your move a success. 

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