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Here’s a checklist to help you evaluate your essential oil packaging vendor

by Nathan Zachary
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A team is essential to coordinate any packaging venture. The team should include leaders from their respective industries, such as product filler or packaging suppliers. Leaders should offer more than a sales pitch.

It is essential to have a group of suppliers, manufacturers, and vendors available to provide cost-saving solutions and insights into your market.

Partnering with partners open to helping you grow your business over the long term is a good idea. This checklist will help you find the best essential oil packaging company.

Professional communication that is timely and professional

Communication is the cornerstone of any successful relationship. It would help to consider how you can communicate with vendors based on your location.

Do you have any concerns about working with an outsourced vendor?

Modern technology, such as video conferencing and email, can be used to communicate long distances. However, vendors from overseas might have cultural or language differences that could adversely impact information flow.

Local vendors need to be professional. Consider the communication speed of local essential oil packaging vendors. Are they responsive to your inquiries promptly? Is it possible to have an open and honest dialogue with them that will help your business grow? Both sides of a partnership should have the ability to provide valuable insight.

Handling complaints, problems, and technical issues

When you deal with supply chain services, expect the unexpected. This is part of the business’s nature. Knowing how your packaging vendor deals with complaints, technical problems, and other issues is essential. These are some questions you should ask:

  • Do you have a vendor who has a quality control manager?
  • Is your vendor able to offer more than the product being sold? Are they available to answer your questions and help you solve problems during production?
  • What is the procedure for overseas vendors if they need to exchange or rework bottling products? What is the timeframe? What are the additional costs? Who will pay for expedited air freight?
  • Are they willing to help you comply with federal packaging regulations? Is the vendor prepared to help you in this area? What happens if you have packaging issues? What happens if your vendor fails to comply with the law?

Available Products

It would help if you found a vendor that offers a variety of options in the packaging industry so you can best meet your customers’ needs.

Partnering with a vendor who offers a range of stocking and sourcing options will make you a true team player.

You should consider whether essential oil packaging vendors offer sourcing options for the US and EU or if they only have one area. A vendor should be able to source products from multiple sources.

You will probably need to use a combination approach when stocking products. Some vendors offer make-and-ship products, while others only stock in stock. Some vendors provide the make-and-ship product. Others only have in-stock products. This added service will ensure that you always have stock available. Ask your vendor if they offer this service and, if so, how much it costs.

Understanding Your Market

It doesn’t matter if a vendor works for a small business or a large corporation; their market knowledge is still essential. A vendor might not have the market knowledge you need or may be too involved in many markets to understand yours. It would help if you had a vendor who is familiar with your call so they could provide insight and expertise.

You should ensure that the vendor you work with for essential oil packaging is knowledgeable about your market. Vendors who have to sell many products at once cannot do so. These vendors won’t be able to fully dedicate the time necessary to understand each market they serve, including yours.

If the vendor lacks market knowledge, you must educate them. You can avoid this loss of time by selecting a vendor who stays on top of developments and news in your market.


You want to partner with a vendor who can stay around for the long term. Ask them how long they have been in business. Please take into account how they have grown in this period. This will allow you to determine if they can support your product as it develops.

Companies with longevity can provide a long-term partnership.

This vendor will be interested in building a relationship with your company and not just fulfilling a single order. A supply company that has been around for a while has a strong team. This is due to their ability to provide the same customer service as the sales reps you will be working with throughout the entire duration. This means you won’t speak to someone in training or new every time you call their office.

Let’s sum it all

You can make your essential oil packaging business successful by choosing an experienced and committed vendor. We are here to help. Fast Custom Boxes is more than just a packaging company. You’re buying a professional team. Fast Custom Boxes will be your partner and guide you every step of the way. For all your packaging needs, contact our representatives for information about packaging solutions.

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