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Here’s Why Ethereum Futures Are A Must Trade Derivative For Traders

by Nathan Zachary

Wondering how to improve your profit ratio without spending more? You must have heard about Ethereum. It is the second most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. ETH is promoting a platform for all the major decentralized applications to function. Investing in ETH is profitable in the long term. But even in the short term, its movements provide considerable profits to traders.

The only issue here is that only some have enough capital to buy and sell ETH through spot trading. For some, spot trading isn’t profitable enough either. This is where Ethereum futures trading  has been taking over an edge.

Ethereum futures have gotten a large following because investors can earn good profits from them. According to a report, the Ethereum futures and BTC futures have re-established their dominance over the spot trading volumes. It is a clear indication that people are more interested in futures trading as compared to spot trading. There are multiple causes behind such a shift since only last year, spot trading dominated the market as the crypto market continued its bull run. But now, as the market has crashed, people smart enough to shift to derivatives like Ethereum futures have kept their good flow going.

Many experts believe that the Ethereum Merge is a major reason behind the increase in the popularity of Ethereum futures. You must wonder how Ethereum futures can be a great crypto derivative for your portfolio. There are several strong fronts on which Ethereum futures performed really well, let’s find out what they are.

Ethereum Futures Hedged Against the Bear Run

While all the spot traders were carefully watching the moving average chart to learn when it would show an upward signal, all those who invested in a short call of Ethereum futures earned good profits. Ethereum is one of the most sought-after cryptocurrencies, which is why it shows a lot of movement in a single day. Knowing whether the price will fall or rise, you can earn significant profit by taking your position by longing or shorting. From early 2021 to the last quarter of the year, the trading volume trend showed that spot trading dominated over futures trading because of the significant bull run.

But as the run ended and crypto corrections took place, BTC and Ethereum futures kept performing well and stood their ground. By the middle of this year, futures trading had overtaken spot trading, with Ethereum futures as one of the best performers. Ethereum futures has worked as a protection charm for all traders since they can earn money even when the price keeps falling. Traders check the price chart and other KPIs through advanced exchange platforms like Delta. For traders who wish to earn good profits even in the bear markets, Ethereum futures is an effective option.

The Merge

The Ethereum Merge was more of a sell-the-news event and kept Ethereum futures price at a rampage for the most part of the middle of this year. Until September 2022, Ethereum futures was the best-performing crypto derivative. Even when other crypto derivatives seemed to shake, Ethereum futures have fallen less in price. This reveals that the investor sentiment is strong over the derivative.

Moreover, Ethereum Merge is one of the biggest events for the entire blockchain. It is the next step towards decentralized finance. More and more projects are being created over the Ethereum chain to sustainably bring decentralized finance to every part of the world. All of this has also attracted investments in every form. This is why the Ethereum futures performance is rather good this year.

Why Should You Choose Ethereum Futures?

For all the people who are just starting to understand what crypto derivatives are and how they can be profitable, Ethereum futures is a must-watch.

  • Firstly, Ethereum shows positive signs in the future in terms of all the decentralized projects under its wings.
  • A lot of altcoins are also functioning on the ETH chain.
  • The developers plan to ensure that the ETH chain helps in smoother transactions and easier building of DApps.

Ethereum derivatives, especially Ethereum futures, are constantly being affected by all these factors. In the middle of this year, the Merge helped investors earn a lot through long calls. Now that the market is showing corrections, short calls are profitable for all the futures traders. Most importantly, Ethereum’s price chart is never stagnant; it can be interpreted to generate high profit. So, for all beginners and even professional traders, Ethereum futures are a must-watch crypto derivative.


Ethereum futures trading in itself is a very profitable product for investors to reap the benefits of their research. What’s more, the Delta Exchange has an intuitive and highly informative set of performance indicators that can be followed to decide what positions you should take up in the Ethereum futures markets. Sign up today with us to trade in Ethereum futures with attractive leverages!

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