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High-Security Vehicle Barriers Take On New Threats With Help From Moog Electric Actuation

by Nathan Zachary

Electric activation answer for High-Security Vehicle Barriers gives speed, dependability and the most noteworthy wellbeing in every single atmospheric condition

Required an incitation framework that can lift a weighty plate hindrance intended to stop a 7.5 ton (15,000 lb) vehicle going 80 kph (50 mph), all in 1 second

High-Security Vehicle Barriers

High-security vehicle hindrances are an application Moog has dealt with for quite a long time that presents some movement control difficulties ordinarily looked by numerous modern organizations:

  • Speed, unwavering quality and security prerequisites are the most noteworthy need
  • The innovation is moving from water-powered to electric
  • A requesting climate requires dependable equipment and gadgets
  • A total turnkey arrangement should be not difficult to execute for experts who are educated in pressure-driven innovation but restricted in electric servo experience
  • Security Barrier Application
  • Security is a point regularly in the news today as nations try to safeguard establishments from government offices to army bases to control offices from expected assault. High-security vehicle boundaries are a last line of safeguard for these foundations and the innovation being utilized for incitation is a basic variable. These obstructions should be intended to stop a 7.5 ton (15,000 lb) vehicle going at 80 kph (50 mph) with no entrance and should be sent in 1-1.5 seconds.
  • Up to this point the innovation being conveyed was solely “open-circle” pressure driven activation yet Moog has been instrumental in assisting the business embrace another arrangement with many advantages. As Moog has huge ability in both pressure driven and servo innovation we had the option to assess all choices. A few variables empowering obstruction Bollard supplier and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to take on electric innovation incorporated the need to oblige requesting ecological contemplations (for example outrageous temperatures, sand, dust, downpour, ice, flooding, and so on), meet power necessities, guarantee greatest unwavering quality and lower support costs. Eventually, Moog has assisted the business with effectively progressing from open circle pressure driven to shut circle electric acknowledging numerous helpful presentation and functional advantages. This article depicts this requesting application, the reasons Moog prescribed electric activation to meet the clients objectives and how organizations have effectively executed this innovation to accomplish amazing outcomes.


Due to fear monger dangers and strategies, security hindrances have become fundamental for a compelling security program. These were at first an idea of the US Department of State (US DoS) after the Beirut truck bombarding of a US military garisson huts in 1983 yet boundaries are currently utilized around the world. There are 3 average kinds of high security hindrances accessible today. We have all seen these in our regular exercises however may not have the foggiest idea about the innovation in question. The sort chose relies upon the necessities of the circumstance.

The wedge/plate hindrance type utilizes enormous plates which can weigh more than a few thousand kilograms (a few thousand pounds), requiring critical ability to be raised during an Emergency Fast Operate (EFO) circumstance. The weight and speed necessities present many difficulties to planning a movement control framework.

Kinds of Security Barriers

Wedge/Plate hindrance

Enormous steel plates which spring up out of the ground rapidly are regularly conveyed as definite disavowal.

Drop Arm/Crash Beam obstruction

These boundaries might look genuinely harmless, yet many have an enormous chain or link inside the tubing that behaves like a cheddar shaper. Ordinarily utilized for traffic signal.


This sort of obstruction is more stylishly engaging than the huge plates and furthermore permits person on foot traffic.

To assist you with understanding the application better it is essential to investigate what is expected to stop a vehicle at different loads and velocities. Danger levels can be characterized in light of vehicle speed and weight. The vehicle bed entrance further characterizes the hindrance’s halting capacity.

A vehicle pushing toward a hindrance has specific dynamic energy which is the proportion of how much “hitting power” it has. This is estimated by its weight and speed. The motor energy changes as the square of its speed. On influence, a portion of the energy is switched over completely to intensity, sound and disfigurement of the vehicle, the boundary should ingest the rest of.

The Customer Request

Generally, water-driven was the innovation for plate obstructions as it gave sufficient ability to lift the weighty plates at a speed expected for quick organization. These using pressurized water incited obstruction frameworks didn’t use servo or relative valves or position detecting for the movement control. Valves are simply opened up, the water-driven liquid streams and the chamber stops when it raises a ruckus around town stops, or the accident capturing framework otherwise called working in a bang mode. During the immensely significant EFO (Emergency Fast Operate) circumstance there is extensive pressure placed on the hindrance. Normally a gatherer is given to supply extra pressure-driven liquid for EFO and power disappointment. Thus the consistent pressure from raising a ruckus around town stops was making untimely harm hindrance parts and establishment. Another arrangement that resolves these issues could extraordinarily further develop dependability and lower support costs for OEMs.

Pressure driven Velocity Profiling

Moog expected to meet the most rigid prerequisites for the wedge security obstruction that involve an activation framework that could lift a weighty plate hindrance intended to stop a 7.5 ton (15,000 lb) vehicle going 80 kph (50 mph) with a permissible entrance of the truck bed of under 1 m (3 ft), all in 1 second . Clients likewise needed to acquire higher unwavering quality in requesting conditions, lower upkeep costs and further develop execution.

The Moog Solution

As a specialist in both water powered and electric advances, Moog engineers assessed the prerequisites for this application and suggested applying superior execution electric activation innovation that could meet the speed and power necessities however offer a few other key advantages, for example, lower upkeep costs, less natural worries and high unwavering quality. Through speed profiling, the steady pressure from hitting end stops could be forestalled in this manner expanding the existence of the boundary, while likewise giving smoother activity, lower part count and the capacity to deal with threatening conditions, terrifically significant variables for life span of the framework.

Electric Velocity Profiling

Activation Solution

  • To address the issues of the client Moog gave the accompanying activation framework:
  • Moog Electric Servo Actuator with a novel mechanical holding brake on the off chance that power is lost
  • Elite execution AC Servo Drive
  • Application-explicit programming for improving authorizing and measuring
  • Spring-help actuator to decrease power necessity (discretionary)
  • Boundary Control Panel with all necessary parts for activity including clamor concealment to lessen the gamble of electromagnetic impedance (EMI) (discretionary)
  • Battery reinforcement (discretionary)
  • Actuator warming for serious climate areas
  • The core of the arrangement is Moog’s coordinated Servo Actuator and Servo Drive System with programmable control for speed increase/deceleration, speed, position and power which accomplishes very smooth, calm activity. Since the Servo Drive controls the current into the engine, the power result of the actuator can be programmable for the particular hindrance and establishment, empowering upgraded execution. The other significant benefit is the capacity to work dependably in threatening conditions, for example, outrageous low temperatures which are obliged by involving the engine as a warmer to keep the encoder compartment at a programmable temperature level. Conditions, for example, downpour and flooding are dealt with the actuator natural rating of IP67. Having no oil dispenses with other natural worries and gives smooth reliable activity paying little mind to temperature swings.

Moog Servo Actuators use superior execution servo engine and ball screw innovation coordinated into a little high power thickness bundle with many benefits over enlistment engines and existing hindrance pressure-driven innovation:

  • Servo engine can be slowed down at persistent force endlessly without harm
  • Top force to 3X the engine’s constant force is accessible for high-velocity EFO
  • Servo innovation furnishes a more modest actual envelope with power densities like hydrodynamics
  • Outright encoder input takes out homing necessities
  • Programmed actuator warming for outrageous natural circumstances

A significant advantage of the electric framework is the lower part count, killing the requirement for the water-driven foundation and diminishing support costs. Different highlights not accessible with the water-driven framework are likewise given like hindrance  Security System supplier discovery. Should the boundary be sent under a vehicle a choice can be made to proceed or stop. Likewise given on the actuator is a holding brake which is appropriately sequenced through the servo drive. At the point when the hindrance is in the sent position, the mechanical brake is applied to stand firm on footing regardless of whether power is lost. Along these lines in the event that the psychological militant attempts to overcome the hindrance by eliminating the power source, the obstruction will stay in the sent position.

Application-explicit Software

One of the difficulties of this application is that hindrance producers are more acquainted with water driven than electric activity and required help with measuring an electric actuator for security boundaries. Moog Engineers created restrictive explicit estimating programming for security boundaries to help clients with plan and advancement for activity with electric servo innovation. All relevant information is placed into the suitable fields and an exhaustive report is created. Significant data, for example, power requiremen

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