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Highlights of Hamid Barkzi Roadies Revolution Winner

by Nathan Zachary
Roadies Revolution Winner

Roadies Revolution winner Hamid Barkzi: Getting injured in a job motivated me to do higher

Hamid Barkzi was introduced because the Roadies Revolution Winner on Saturday. A member of Nikhil Chinapa’s group, he was placed in the face of his teammates Michael Ajay and Jayant Yadav in the final that was a thrilling event where contestants had to face a variety of tasks. Barkzi who required shorter time to finish the job, won an award of Roadies winner, as well as a car as well as prize money.

In this exclusive chat with indianexpress.com the 23-year old from Delhi speaks about his Roadies experience, lessons learned and the changes he’ll need to get started.

What is it like to win Roadies?

I’m unable to express in words how I feel. It’s an incredible feeling. The competition was powerful and, once I had won I was thrilled.

Did you think that you would be victorious?

After the lockdown, when our travel was resumed, and I started working and succeeding I gained confidence. However, I was injured in one of my tasks. This was the day that I made the decision to be successful in the moment, no matter what happens. The loss pushed me to be better. I’d suffered a lot in my life, and I was aware that it would be a long climb from here on out.

Injuries are generally a negative factor when it comes to Roadies. What was the way you pulled yourself up?

When I got injured I was completely confused. As I was being admitted to the hospital I was unsure how long I could survive the game. The injuries caused me to be physically weak, but it certainly in some way made me more mentally strong. I was able to get more focused and also had the burning desire to be successful.

This is the first occasion that Nikhil Chinapa has gained as the gang’s chief. What are the first words he spoke to you?

There was a place where everyone knew Michael was his favourite but he would surely be proud of the fact that we both were successful. It was a excitement and joy when my name was revealed as I was the winner. Nikhil sir has truly inspired me through the whole season. He has always advised me to believe in my abilities and that being successful should not be a requirement, just providing our best. Because I was having a slow start, I would typically be afraid to perform tasks, but he encouraged me, urged me to be a riot and be a force. This really helped.

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What is the best way to sum up the highlights of your Roadies journey?

It’s been among one of the most memorable experiences in my life. I’ve had wonderful memories as well as a wide range of friends. I’ve also learned from the gang’s leaders.Also I’ve learned that being successful does not just mean being the first, but also to become an improvement of yourself every day.

Which is your favorite memory from the past?

The second is the one where I could see all the leaders who want me to take the title. They really supported me. In addition, Rannvijay sir motivated me a lot, and in the middle of the final the final, he stood by me. This was among my most memorable moments.

What have you learned from Roadies that you’d like to apply in your own life?

It’s just a bit humorous but I’ve realized that being underestimated is probably the most significant benefit anyone can enjoy. I was the underdog and people didn’t believe that I could succeed. In addition, the past helped me believe in my own self and that one shouldn’t be discouraged by the things that others tell you.

You did a great job. Based on the format it is necessary to do some manipulation is necessary in the game. What was it that made you want to be the best?

Truthfully, I’m quite vulnerable when it comes to planning and planning. I’m not able to alter. My method was to complete every task at my absolute best.

The theme for this season was “revolution,” If you had the chance to change something, what changes do you want to bring about in the world?

I could actually contribute to in the cause of equality. I’ve been involved in social work for a while and would like to pursue it. I am able to bear in my mind an officer near my house, who placed his sons in an institution that was not public, whereas his daughter was transferred to an institution in the area. Also I started paying for the tuition fees for her, in order that she can have the same opportunities in life to her siblings. I believe that such tiny steps can aid us in making a difference.

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What’s next for you?

I’ve always wanted to perform in a role and now I’m looking to pursue the art. I’ve been approached by a few people for some issues. I’m considering all the options.

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