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Hospitals and our healthcare system in Pakistan

by Nathan Zachary
Hospitals and our healthcare system in Pakistan

The most crucial issue facing Pakistan is health care, which is regrettably also the one that receives the least attention. Every government hospital lacks basic facilities while a small group of rich individuals enjoy the best amenities in private hospitals, the majority of Pakistan’s population  lacks access to even the most basic health care services, and a  huge difference in facilities of private and government hospital in Pakistan. The top news outlets in Pakistan frequently bring up this subject, but regrettably, no federal government has made it a top priority.

Reliance on the private sector

The fact that public health spending makes up just over one-third of all healthcare spending in Pakistan is another indication of the government’s disinterest. The majority of the private healthcare that Pakistanis receive is paid for with their own money. One of the key causes of the high private sector involvement in healthcare is the poor quality of government-provided healthcare in Pakistan.

The truth about healthcare

There are so many heartbreaking tales of people who lost loved ones because affordable, high-quality medical treatment was not available to them. A populace that is sick and undernourished cannot significantly improve the wellbeing of the nation. According to health indicators, the largest issue Pakistan is facing is a lack of healthcare facilities, not a high crime rate, drones, or an energy crisis.

Policies and procedures

Furthermore, despite having accurate data and statistics, our policies still do not prioritize healthcare. We may view the state of our hospitals in Multan, Hyderabad, Sialkot or any other city in Pakistan. Governments come and go, they enact new laws, but application is what matters most. Governments need an effective monitoring system to assess the policies’ checks and balances. That is the fundamental cause of policy failure.

Amendment 18

Following Pakistan’s 18th amendment to the constitution, the provinces were given responsibility for health in 2010. The ability to manage the health sector in their respective provinces was delegated to the provinces. This action was praised by all of Pakistan’s top news outlets. The consequences were anticipated to be better than before because this was thought to be a wise choice.

But regrettably, the provinces weren’t prepared to take on this duty. The provincial governments’ incompetence made the situation in this industry more terrible. Our regions and hospitals in Pakistan were unprepared for the epidemic, which was the most devastating catastrophe in history. Each province had its own covid policy, which made matters worse when there was a lack of agreement among the provinces.

Compared to other nations

The healthcare systems of several developing nations, like Bangladesh, Thailand, Mexico, and Kenya, have made significant strides. The 30 baht health programme was started in Thailand. that the cost of a hospital visit for a citizen will never exceed 30 baht. Compared to Pakistan, Bangladesh has a far lower rate of maternal death. Compared to public hospitals in Pakistan, theirs are superior.

From the interactions of various nations that predominate in the provision of medical care, one or two examples may be drawn. First, insofar as it is concentrated on, government-backed widespread medical care is feasible and reasonable, even in low-wage countries. Countries like Thailand and Mexico, for instance, have expanded their public health initiatives and general wellbeing administrations to meet the medical care demands of large portions of their populations. Mukhtar A. Sheikh has experience doctors i.e gynecologist,physiotherapist, Neurosurgeon, psychiatrist in multan

Media’s function

The media in our country has a duty to draw attention to such problems. We cannot deny the impact of the media since it has become a social institution. It is the duty of Pakistan’s top news outlets to fairly portray the state of the country’s hospitals. Every recent news item in Pakistan might pose a threat to a political group, and the media has the authority to put pressure on them. People can act when they are aware of the situation because media can inform the public about the facts and actual conditions. Nations can alter their systems if given the correct information.

What activists do

An informed activist can be quite important in this situation. A knowledgeable and rebellious public can play a crucial role in enacting general wellness frameworks that will meet the needs of the populace. Residents’ support can have a good impact on government strategy and medical care management at the point where medical services frameworks are accountable. https://techcrams.com/

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