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How A Personal Consultant Can Help Your Business Succeed

by Nathan Zachary

When people leave the corporate world to start their own businesses, this can be seen as a risky move, especially by those who thrive on stability, routine and predictable outcomes. But this step doesn’t have to be only for risk-takers. When you are ready to make the leap, there are mentors and personal consultants to lean on.Also Explained in direct message

Asking for business help is often not easy, in part because hiring a personal consultant is not something most business leaders initially budget for. You may have the typical mentality of, “I’m smart, I can do this on my own. I don’t need to pay for that.” But asking for help is an act of humility, and getting smart and honest guidance from someone who has walked this walk already is invaluable for both you and those who work at your business.

Organizing Your Ideas To Optimize Your Business

The first year in business can be a bit like throwing wet sand against a brick wall: Business owners try everything and see what sticks. Turning skills and ideas into an offer that provides value can more easily be done by seeking the expertise of a consultant rather than going solo. It’s tough out there, so having a pro who has your back and isn’t afraid to tell you when you are off base is the kind of tough business love worth asking for.

With this niche, expert guidance from someone who is impartial and emotionally detached, a chaotic bunch of cool ideas can be systematically organized and channeled into a valuable business offer that quickly brings in revenue in the early weeks of setting up shop, when initial wins are critical. Creating a clear company focus makes work life much simpler. It frees up your time—and mental space—to assess other business development directions and cultivate those important client relationships.

Improving Employee Happiness And Retention

Many companies are grappling with employee engagement issues. It’s become a top workforce trend, specifically in the area of retention. One solution-based avenue for personal consultants is a monthly retainer to help companies through some of these issues. For example, a company needing employee engagement support can reach out to a consultant for a set number of hours to provide a one-on-one consultant resource for unhappy employees. This can be a meaningful solution because it shows employees that they are being valued as the investment for the personal consultant is shouldered by the employee’s company. It may seem like a small act, but an hour of having an active listener engage with an employee can go far.

Clearly Explain What You Do

Potential clients should never have to search for the basic information that defines your company or business goals. Some independent consultants address this by establishing a legal business name, such as “John Smith’s IT Consulting,” but whether you use a business name or your own, your overall branding should reflect a message that promotes and aligns with your area of focus. 

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