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How Can Amazon Virtual Assistants Help You Grow Your Business

by Nathan Zachary

Not every seller selling on Amazon has the know-how or the time to manage everything perfectly and simultaneously. You have to perform Amazon SEO, manage customer support, track orders, maintain accounts, update listings, and so on. Increasing your core team to take care of all these tasks will increase overhead costs, especially if you need help from a specialist (as is the case for SEO and PPC activities). 

But in this era, where you have a solution to every problem, Amazon sellers can outsource such tasks to Amazon Virtual Assistants. If you are unaware of the benefits of hiring an Amazon VA, this quick guide is for you. Continue reading to learn all the important information about Amazon VAs.

Services offered by Amazon Virtual Assistants

  1. Order processing: The Amazon VA can process your orders and ensure they are delivered on time. The VA will also ensure that your customers are satisfied with their purchases.
  1. Customer Support: Amazon VA is an expert in handling any customer query. They are experts in tackling negative feedback as well as solving any problem that the customer is facing. 
  1. Translation: If you run an eCommerce store in multiple languages, you can use the VA’s translation services to translate all of your product descriptions into another language. This will enable people from different corners of the world to understand the product that you are selling.
  1. Running Amazon ad campaigns: If advertising has always been a challenge for you, then this service could be right up your alley. The Amazon VAs can help create an effective advertising strategy for promoting products on platforms like Facebook Ads Manager or Google AdWords Express without needing experience in advertising management.
  1. Product listing optimization (PLO): Many businesses sell their products through the Amazon marketplace but don’t realize how important it is to keep their listings competitive by optimizing keywords used within those listings. This leads to some sellers obtaining ranks higher than other sellers’ listings when someone searches for something specific on Google (SERPs). This service ensures that sellers know what kinds of words potential buyers might search for before visiting their online stores or buying something from them directly through social media channels like Instagram or Twitter.

Benefits of hiring an Amazon Virtual Assistant

  1. Manage your Customers Well

You can outsource customer service to a third party or use an Amazon Virtual Assistant. This is a great way to manage your customers, especially if you have a small team and limited resources. Amazon Virtual Assistants can also help with resolving issues and complaints from customers as well as answering questions that might come up during the typical course of business.

  1. Get Rich Competitor Insights

One of the crucial responsibilities of Amazon VAs is that they can provide you with rich insight into what strategies your competitors are using. During this phase, you will learn about your competitors and what they do to attract customers. You would also find out if there are any gaps in their strategy that you can fill.

  1. Minimize Expenditure

There are several benefits of hiring Amazon Virtual Assistants. It is highly cost-effective and minimizes expenditure, especially regarding office space, employees, equipment, and marketing.

  1. Save Time

Amazon Virtual Assistants are available 24/7, so they can work when you’re at work and do tasks that would have taken up your valuable time. They can assist with tasks that might not require much attention, such as

  • Emailing people
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Taking notes during meetings or conferences
  1. Only Pay for Services Rendered

You don’t have to pay a full monthly salary. You are only charged for the time and services that you actually use. In addition, if you find that you don’t need a full-time assistant but rather just some occasional support, then this option works perfectly.


Using the services of an Amazon Virtual Assistant is a great way to grow your Amazon business. It’s easy to use, and the pricing is affordable. You can hire an Amazon VA to help you with everyday tasks like answering emails, managing customer queries, or even working on more significant projects like organizing an event or launching a new product line.

Outsourcing important tasks to Amazon VAs for listing optimization services and SEO services will help bring out maximum efficiency & effectiveness and help you run your business without any pressure.

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