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How can I get more followers on TikTok

by Nathan Zachary

on his blog, we go over 13 ways to increase your followers on TikTok and address the most frequently asked question that everyone TikTok user asks in the mind. How do you increase the number of fans in TikTok in 2022? You can also purchase followers on our website.

1. Post between 1 and 3 times per day

What is the best frequency to update on TikTok? Make a new video post 1 up to 3 times an everyday to maximize your reach. If you post regularly, you establish yourself as a reputable TikTok Creator as a result of TikTok’s algorithm. There is no way to know exactly how TikTok’s algorithm operates however, it is widely known that TikTok rewards creators who upload up to three videos per day, with an increase in visibility. This means greater reach and more followers for your TikTok account.

2. Make sure you use the correct hashtags

Make sure you use at least 4 to 6 hashtags for the TikTok video, which is the ideal practice. The hashtags #fyp, #foryoupage or #voorjou and #ViralTimeZone are a essential if you’re looking to attract a large number of people using the ‘for you’ or feed ‘for you. You can further enhance your hashtags by using two to four hashtags that are in sync with your content or with the current trend that you’re hoping to take advantage of. If this is done correctly, you’ll notice that more people are exposed to your content and eventually, you’ll get more followers and likes.

3. Always comment and like the comments that appear under your TikTok videos.

It gives the visibility of your videos an added boost by reacting to and commenting on the posts of your fans. If you can increase the amount of buzz that can manage to create around your video within the short time after posting the more views your post receives! Commenting on your old posts could revive the algorithm, bringing in new viewers. This is an excellent method to gain more followers, specifically for accounts with a larger following.

4. Like and leave comments on TikTok videos of other people

Like and commenting on videos from other accounts is a popular method of gaining new followers and new visitors to your profile. Others will get notifications and occasionally browse and maybe follow your profile due to curiosity. Before you begin this, it is essential to ensure that your profile already has numerous TikTok videos. Visitors to your profile who are new won’t want to join an account that is empty and will be searching for the best content. You should therefore wait a while before you click your like button. Then, make a couple of TikTok’s to add to your profile.

5. The best time to post on TikTok

When you post at the appropriate timings, you increase the reach of your content. This increases the likelihood that people will be able to view your posts and then begin following you. Numerous studies have shown that the ideal time to publish is at the beginning of the day. A survey conducted by Influencer Marketing Hub shows that more than 50% of the most effective posting times in TikTok are between the hours of 5:00 AM and 11:00 AM. These are the industry’s averages So, make sure you make sure to check your TikTok data regularly to find out the time of day when your followers are most (inter)active.

6. Increased followers via promotion on other channels

Always make sure to promote your TikTok account through the channels you’re currently active in to increase users to visit the TikTok account. If you’re looking for additional channels to showcase the content of your TikTok videos, try Instagram. Although Mark Zuckerberg won’t thank you for sharing TikTok brand-name content, it is certainly the best channel to showcase your work to larger public. Because Instagram Reels works according to the same principles similar to TikTok and is a great way to share the stored TikTok videos. You can add the URL in the TikTok page in your bio, and you’re set!

Tips for businesses: make it clear on Facebook as well as LinkedIn that you’re on TikTok. This will assist you and your company gain your first hundred followers!

7. Be innovative and be patient

Your initial TikTok videos might not be the best however, persevere and try new ideas. Eventually, you’ll find what is most effective for your intended audience and what isn’t. With more than one billion daily TikTok users, it’s only the matter of time until you discover your ideal viewers. Find your personal story, your distinctive feature that draws followers to follow your story. When you’ve found it, you’re all set to take your place on TikTok. With the help of this blog, there’s nothing in your way of growing quickly on TikTok!

8. Identify Your Target Audience

A single of the essential steps to take if are looking to increase the number of TikTok users is to determine your intended people. Similar to the other popular social networks, TikTok users cover multiple categories of demographics, geographical areas and specific niches. What type of content will work for one demographic will not work for different groups. Before you begin making an TikTok marketing strategy or TikTok influencer strategies it is important to determine who your users are using the platform.

Once you’ve identified your target audience, you’ll need develop content that is specifically targeted to that target audience. If your goal is to gain more TikTok followers, it’s crucial to approach content creation by informing and entertaining your intended audience in order to build real connections. Do not just try to attract followers just in the hopes of gaining followers. You want to attract the right kind of followers, those who are attracted to your brand, your product or service. Millions of followers won’t help you if these people aren’t interested in going further into your marketing funnel.

9. Leverage Trends

TikTok has a focus on trending topics, and you can significantly boost the number of TikTok followers by taking advantage of new trends as they emerge. However, the fact that trends are happening does not mean that you must take part in it. Be mindful of the trends you participate in to ensure that they’re trends your intended audience is engaging in.

Trends on TikTok are an excellent method to set your company apart from the rest and showcase a bit about your brand’s character. Check out the Washington Post’s TikTok account to see the process.

10. Learn from Your Followers

The most effective TikTok content for influencers and brands is educational as well as entertaining. Make use of TikTok to create fun and informative content that offers benefits to your fans. It’s an excellent idea to make use of smart TikTok content to provide details about your product and services that will be most beneficial to your followers and ease their lives.

11. Cross-Promote Your Videos

Marketing isn’t able to thrive solely on TikTok by itself. or something. TikTok isn’t an isolated space. A solid digital marketing plan must incorporate the other platforms on social media, such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook as well as Pinterest as well as Reddit. Wherever your audience is spending their online time is where you must be.

Make use of your online presence in order to promote cross-promotion of your TikTok videos by posting your TikTok content across various social platforms. If you visit Instagram Reels (Instagram’s alternative to TikTok) you’ll find that a lot of Reel users post the TikTok videos on Instagram. It is easy to include your TikTok videos using your TikTok watermark (perfect to connect followers from your Instagram fans to join your TikTok profile, and to increase the number of TikTok followers) However, you can take off TikTok watermarks so that the videos appear native to any platform you’re sharing it on.

12. Create (and participate in) Challenges

Challenges are everywhere on TikTok. We recommend taking part in the similar TikTok competitions your intended users are participating in. A lot of the most well-known challenges involve dancing, so be ready to showcase your the best moves (and be a bit at risk). Apart from taking part in existing challenges you can also create your own challenges through TikTok.

13. Connect with Other TikTok Creators

Be aware that TikTok as with all social networks, are a social platform. Therefore, it’s crucial to interact on a regular basis with the other TikTok creators through the platform, making use of TikTok’s duet or stitch functions to boost engagement. Begin by figuring out ways to include information about your products and services into these engagement efforts (but do not be a spammer) however don’t stay away of engaging other artists just because you love their content. 


TikTok continues to increase in popularity, so if seeking to gain more followers on TikTok There’s nothing to waste. If you follow the 13 steps that are provided in the article below, you’ll be on the way to getting more TikTok followers as well as increasing engagement and establishing a vibrant group of users on the site.

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