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How can we troubleshoot Canon Printer Error code?

by Nathan Zachary
error canon b200

Do you keep getting the error message B200? It’s not just you! A lot of Canon users have reported it. But don’t worry. It’s fixable. Here are three options to test.

Three simple fixes you can try:

In most cases, the error canon b200 signifies that the Canon printer’s printhead is damaged. In addition, damaged cartridges for ink and a damaged driver for your printer can cause this issue. Before purchasing a brand-new printhead, look at the solutions below.

You don’t have to test them all. Work your way through to the top of your list till you discover the one that is right for you.

Fix 1: Update your printer driver.

If something is wrong with your Canon printer upgrading its driver is the best solution. Many printer issues, including blank pages, error codes, or printers that don’t respond, typically result from an incompatible driver for your printer.
Two ways that you can change the driver of your printer:

Option 1: Install and download this driver by hand

Canon keeps updating printer drivers. Here’s how to find the most up-to-date driver suitable for the device you’re using:

1. Visit the Canon support website and select SUPPORT > SOFTWARE AND DRIVERS.
2. Enter the name of the serial number on your Canon product, and search for it.
3. Find the driver for your specific version that is part of Windows (for instance, Windows 32-bit) and download it manually.
4. Once you’ve downloaded the right driver to your computer, simply double-click the downloaded file and follow the instructions on the screen for installing the driver.

You’ll require computer expertise and patience to update your driver as you must locate the correct driver on the internet, download it, and install it step-by-step. If you do not have the patience, time or computer skills to update your driver for your printer this way, then you can do it yourself using Driver Easy.

Option 2. Automatically the driver of your printer to the latest version

Driver Easy will recognize your computer and locate the appropriate drivers for your system. It is not necessary to know what operating software your computer runs. You don’t have to be concerned about downloading and installing the incorrect driver, and you don’t have to be concerned whether you’ve made a mistake while installing.
You can update your driver automatically using either the free or Pro Version of Driver Easy. With the Pro version, it’s just two clicks:

1. Download and install Driver Simple.
2. Run Driver Easy and click the scan now button. Driver Easy will scan your system and identify any issues with drivers.

3. Choose to Update All to install and download the appropriate version of the driver that is either missing or outdated on your computer (this is required for the Pro version – you’ll be required to upgrade once it’s time to update all.

Solution 2: Examine your cartridges for ink

Printer problems can occur because the ink cartridge hasn’t been incorrectly installed or damaged. Therefore, it is critical to determine whether your cartridges are functioning perfectly. Here’s what you need to examine:
Make sure that your cartridges are blocked.

Ink cartridges that have become blocked or clogged could cause printer errors, such as Error B200. To determine if this is the issue for you, you should remove your ink cartridges using the printer control panel or clean them by hand.

Make sure you check the levels of ink in your printer.

Verify the Canon printer’s ink levels and replace cartridges if needed.

I was removing and reinstalling Cartridges.

The defective cartridges or not functioning correctly could be why your printer is showing an error message.
Remove the cartridges and check whether they are damaged. If you notice damaged cartridges, replace them.
Check that your cartridges are working correctly, then install them. Now, reopen your Canon printer. If the issue persists, Try the solution below.

Clean the printhead

Error B200 is most likely to happen when the printhead is blocked. Follow the steps below to clear the printhead:

Uninstall the printhead.

  1. Use pure alcohol or Nonoily cleaning fluid to cleanse your gold contact.
  2. Flush the printhead under the hot water faucet.
  3. After the printhead has dried, install it again. Reopen your printer.
    I hope that your printer is working well right now! If all solutions are attempted without improvement, you’ll have to take your printer to repair shops for expert assistance.
    Please post a comment below If you have any concerns or suggestions.

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