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How can You Optimize Your Physical Health?

by Nathan Zachary
How can You Optimize Your Physical Health

What do you want from your life? If your goal is to maximize the time you have on this earth, it’s important to take care of your body and make sure that it’s as healthy as possible. While there are many ways to improve your physical health, these three simple tips will help you get started and provide an outline for your goals.

Control Your Stress Level

Stress triggers and exacerbates virtually every physical condition from headache to heart disease. So how can you optimize your physical health? First, look at ways to control your stress level to keep it within manageable bounds. Manage Stress With these Ten Tips [Link] By Dr. Mercola Stress is one of those things that most people just have to deal with.

It’s an inevitable part of life, but when left unmanaged, it can be a real drag on your health and quality of life. If you’re like most people, then your stress levels are probably higher than they should be. And if you’re not managing them effectively, then chances are good that they’re negatively impacting your health—and even increasing your risk of death!

Work out

Regular exercise is one of those things that people know they should do, but they never quite seem to get around to it. They set a goal (I’m going to start working out three times a week!) only to let it fall by the wayside after about two weeks. It’s important that you can look at your progress every day, rather than on an annual or semi-annual basis.

Eat Right

Eating well is a cornerstone of optimal living. How much protein you need in a day depends on your size, gender, how active you are and other factors. Most people need about 40 to 50 grams of protein each day to meet their needs; if you work out frequently or are very active, aim for 50 to 70 grams. Also make sure that half of your plate (or more) at every meal contains vegetables. This will help you fill up without adding too many calories.

Sleep Well

Getting a good night’s sleep is absolutely vital to optimizing your physical health. A recent study shows that those who only get four hours of sleep are 30% more likely to die within 15 years. Don’t skimp on shuteye. Instead, set up an environment that promotes quality rest: Keep electronics out of your bedroom and stop watching TV before bedtime; consider investing in blackout curtains or an eye mask; and remember to exercise regularly, as it can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. If you have trouble sleeping, consult with a doctor about how you can create an optimal sleeping environment for yourself.

Keep Moving Forward

To optimize your physical health, how much protein you need in a day depends on your personal weight and fitness goals. Muscle weighs more than fat, so if you want to boost muscle mass without gaining fat, focus on building more lean muscle. Protein is a vital component of all muscles, so with every workout session, you should consume about 1 gram of protein per pound that you weigh.

For example, if you weigh 160 pounds and plan to exercise five days a week, aim for at least 80 grams of protein each day (160 x 5 = 800 / 4 = 200 + 160). If you’re trying to lose weight, how much protein you need in a day will depend on how many calories you’re consuming daily—but it’s safe to say that any serious, how much protein you need in a day.

In general, how much protein you need in a day is directly related to how active you are: The more physically active you are, the more protein your body requires. how can you optimize your physical health?


Optimizing your physical health is essential to living a truly optimal life. There are many ways to optimize our health, and I’ve listed what I believe are three of the most important below. Follow these steps, and you will begin to see results in how you feel every day! How can you optimize your physical health? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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