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How Custom Retail Packaging Can Result in Better Gains

by Nathan Zachary
How Custom Retail Packaging Can Result in Better Gains

Are you looking for robust and attention-grabbing retail packaging for your products to generate more sales? Do you wish to offer more benefits to your customers through packaging? Read on to find out how you can use versatile options in retail packaging to become a responsible and environment-friendly business in the industry. Let us assist you in exploring the full potential of custom packaging. If you are looking for smart options that are not heavy on the pocket, the solution might be hiding in repackaging your products.

The era of set-up rigid boxes, used by the different businesses of a particular industry, is coming to an end. These boxes were manufactured according to the specifications that were mainstream and in demand. While many companies benefited from these boxes, most had to package their products out of necessity because hardly any other option was available. Modern custom retail packaging has revolutionized how products are packaged. Modern packaging today is not just limited to storing and protection. It has become a powerful tool for advertising, marketing, and promoting products as well. Moreover, it has helped hundreds of companies across the globe in becoming eco-friendly.

Eco-Friendly Retail Packaging Benefits Businesses and Customers

Let us take the example of the jewelry industry for a better understanding here. Imagine yourself as a jewelry brand offering items for a particular target audience. While you are renowned among your customers, you, as a company, want to achieve more. You want to offer an attribute that exceeds the expectations of your customers and wins their hearts. You might even want to be recognized as a responsible company that looks after its customers and society as a whole.

An easy way to become a socially responsible company is by switching to eco-friendly or biodegradable retail packaging for your jewelry items. This kind of packaging saves more money for businesses as it is crafted from cardboard stocks, which require lesser energy and other resources. It drastically reduces the cost of the companies opting for them.

This kind of retail packaging can be made as attractive as the traditional one because it is print-friendly and sturdy at the same time. It will also add to the customer base of the company by catering to the needs of green consumers and increase their chances of generating more sales. Eco-friendly retail packaging provides an opportunity for customers to do something good for our planet.

Better branding and advertising with custom jewelry boxes

Assume that you are a jewelry brand looking forth to revamp your products’ branding. You want your customers to recognize the brand instantly on the shelves. One of the best ways to achieve this is by using custom jewelry boxes in attractive colors that do not go unnoticed. The online brands too can make use of custom jewelry boxes to establish their brand identity. High-quality images and logos can be printed on these boxes to give a distinct appeal to every box according to the items placed in it. As soon as the customers can spot their preferred brand, they narrow down their choice to it, for final purchase.

Custom jewelry packaging prevents theft

Custom jewelry packaging can be designed to discourage shoplifting and theft. Did you know that expert packaging companies like the California-based ClipnBox advise their clients ordering custom jewelry packaging to select designs that prevent shoplifting? Clients can package in layouts featuring hidden flaps that can interlock. Jewelry items that are smaller and placed on the display racks are more prone to being stolen. These items can be packed in custom-shaped boxes, difficult to hide in clothes or pockets. Companies can use custom-printed stickers to seal the gaps from where the shoplifters can slide them out. Custom retail packaging prevents loss for the brands and businesses, which they incur due to theft.

Other than these, there are countless benefits that custom retail packaging offers to both businesses and their customers. Which is the reason it is becoming a raging trend in the industry.

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