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How Custom Shoe Boxes Are Worth Able For Your Apparel Brand?

by Nathan Zachary

There has been massive competition among footwear brands. Each day, a new brand is getting launched. Setting apart the brand’s products in the crowd is becoming challenging. Custom shoe boxes are best for packing formal and fashionable shoes. They differentiate your items easily from the competitors.

Role of Shoe Box Packaging in Standing Out Footwear Brand:

Do you think an ordinary box can outshine your remarkable shoes in the crowd? No! Then you must be aware of the worth of a personalized package. An exclusive style of a box constructed with the best quality material and attractive designs not only secures the objects but also gives them an appealing look. Our shoe box with the logo not only presents your brand’s name but also identifies it in the market. Whenever customers visit the store and malls, the brand’s emblem printed with embossing and debossing tempts them. as a result, they cannot help but repeat their services.

What are the Significant Features of Our Shoe Box Packaging?

What distinguishes us from other packaging providers? These are some essentials of our customized boxes.

  1. construction of box exact custom boxes canada sizes and styles
  2. available at cost-effective prices
  3. designed with catchy prints and artwork
  4. manufacturing of boxes with renewable and sturdy material
  5. printed with enduring laminations and add-ons
  6. accessible at wholesale prices
  7. preparation of the package within the shortest time of 6 to 8 business days

Manufacturing of Cardboard Shoe Boxes in Innovative Designs and Styles:

Cardboard is viable to alter in any shape and form. These types of boxes are also simple to assemble.

The shoe comes in multiple sizes. Mini and large shoe boxes are prepared following the requirements of the product’s dimensions. Two-piece box and sleeve box styles are prevalent. These types of packages keep shoes protected and present very elegantly. To create more beautiful packaging, we put on inserts and die-cuts. Die-cut style of the box exposes the audience to shoes, and they don’t have to sneak inside the box to see the product. Besides this, our designers are not running short of design ideas. They are talented enough to craft any unique package.

Secure and Protective Shoe Box Packaging with Supreme Quality Material:

We prioritize the safety of products. The packaging of the box in a poor-quality stock endangers the products and makes the box unattractive. We make use of climate-safe and durable material. Our company considers its responsibility to create awareness among the audience regarding the dangerous effects of climate change. Therefore, we convince customers of green packaging.

Our material options involve the following:

1. Kraft:

it is entirely safe for the health of the environment. You can reuse the packaging without causing any damage to the earth. Besides this, it is also applicable to pack lightweight items and is cost-effective.

2. Cardboard:

Cardboard has also not had any adverse impact on the climate. It is 100% biodegradable. Its flexible nature makes it a suitable packaging material, as you can transform it into any shape and form effortlessly. It is amiable for printing. So, you can print cardboard shoes boxes according to your taste.

3. Corrugated cardboard:

Corrugated cardboard consists of flutes and layers that strengthen the packaging. Mainly it is used for shipping and mailing purposes.

Give A Finishing Touch to Packaging with Add-Ons and Embellishments:

Various types of additional

The use of inserts gives protection and makes packaging more presentable. We add foam and cardboard inserts to keep things secure. We put on window cut-outs in shoe box packaging to showcase items elegantly. PVC sheet is joined to defend items from dirt, germs, and contamination. The inside products decide the thickness of the sheet. Applying finishings like embossing and debossing makes color prints more vibrant and transparent. We employ foil stamping in silver and gold colors to give the packaging a classy look.

Benefit Your Business with Our Wonderful Wholesale Services:

Our company does not have a minimum order policy. You can place massive quantity orders without worrying about the standard of the boxes. Our first choice is the satisfaction of our clients at any cost. Apart from it, wholesale services are the best way to save the budget as they cost less. Moreover, we also give discounts on large quantity orders. Time transit of orders also lessens the utilization of petroleum, and shipping price lowers.

Why iCustomBoxe for Custom Shoe Box Packaging?

Our company has made its name among thousands of clients by providing reliable, high-end services. Clients’ trust has made us the first-rate packaging provider in the USA and Canada as well.

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