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How DevOps can Improve Custom Mobile App Development  

by Nathan Zachary
Mobile App Development

Why Apps are an essential business prerequisite

There will be an estimated 7.5 billion smartphone users by 2026.

  • App Store has a whopping 2 million apps, while Google Play has an incredible library of 3.4 million apps.

This indicates how the mobile is no longer a basic communication device. Instead, it is an extension of our lives. And when we rely on it so much for everything, how can businesses afford to miss out on this significant market base. It’s a profitable avenue, and enterprises are leaning in to exploit it.

  • Worldwide mobile app revenues exhibited a 19.7 % y-o-y growth and settled at $ 133 billion in 2021. 

The growth rates for apps are on an upward swing. The custom app development services market is booming and expanding rapidly. And, going by the current trends, this is not slowing down anytime soon. The following section will examine the reasons and factors driving this growth.

More and more people are becoming smartphone owners. The adoption of mobile and cloud technology has impacted every aspect of our lives. Various apps heavily influence our social and business interactions. Mobile apps have undoubtedly enriched our lives. All kinds of services and information are available at the tap of a finger. It has eased our lives tremendously, saved our money and time and even reduced our carbon footprints!!

How so??… With banking apps, digital payments and shopping sites, our commutes have reduced drastically, saving us time, money and fuel. !!

  • Analysis shows that people prefer mobile apps to websites and spend almost 4.8 hours daily browsing various apps.

Factors influencing the growth in Mobile App Development

Companies are trying to keep pace with customers’ expectations and offering innovative and creative mobile app experiences. It is a necessity today to stay relevant and attractive. 

Let’s assess some of the factors driving mobile app development

  • Smartphones are portable and convenient

A smartphone is like a mini vault that holds all personal and professional information about the user. People spend hours on their phones and continuously check them for messages, notifications, emails, and banking information or use them as a shopping app or book a ride. The list is endless.

  • M-Commerce is on the Rise
  • – Global Ecommerce presents a huge opportunity.
  • Estimates are that it will be a $5.5 trillion market by the end of 2022.

Mobile commerce is the new way to shop. It allows users to browse at their convenience and add to the cart before final purchase. So, they can replace the cart item if they like something better. It is super easy, convenient and saves time and resources.

  • Digital Payments

Digital payments have facilitated easier purchases and lesser trips to the banks and ATMs. Mobile apps allow convenient card and digital payment options. In addition to that these apps even offer cashbacks to encourage users towards contactless payments.

  • Data and Personalization

Mobile apps facilitate easy purchases. This allows businesses to collect data from leads and conversions. They can subsequently personalize offers and schemes for their customers based on their preferences. This enhances brand connection. Understanding their customers’ preferences allows them to build apps that can satisfy the customers’ needs.

No wonder businesses have realized its potential and are developing apps catering to specific audiences. Companies cannot afford to be invisible in this space.

Implementing DevOps in Mobile App Development

DevOps aims to ensure better coordination and collaboration between project teams to ensure better and faster work outputs. It aims to streamline the workflow process and make it flexible and responsive throughout the development lifecycle.

Hence, its primary goals are

  • Efficient deployment of processes
  • Accelerated market timelines
  • Control over the process leads to fewer failures
  • Cost reduction
  • Foster innovation and creativity

Mobile app development with DevOps allows greater automation and cross-functional collaboration.

The benefits that Dev Ops offers to the mobile app development process include

  • Less complexity
  • Reduced handling time
  • Faster resolution
  • Improved quality and productivity
  • More stability in the operating environment
  • Easy error fixation
  • More time for innovation

Statistics show that DevOps has been instrumental in

  • Reducing time spent  by 21% in error rectification
  • Increased deployment by 41% and delivery by 60%

DevOps has become an integral part of software development due to its many benefits. DevOps enhances productivity and offers room for scalability and effective lifecycle implementation. Any organization considering mobile app development should simultaneously consider implementing DevOps for a better work process.

Witness Better ROIs with Custom App Development

Businesses today understand that to survive, they require a customized app. A customized app is suited to your specific goals and target audience and runs on all platforms and devices they access.

Many businesses have benefitted from higher RoI’s, more conversions from leads, brand visibility and deeper market penetration with the launch of customized apps.

A customized mobile application has indeed become a core strategic process. Nevertheless, the critical point is that the app should be unique and service customers’ specific needs. It should be easy to navigate and have excellent UX features.


A mobile app development strategy should consider all elements crucial to the business and its goals. An app is the point of interaction with customers. If your app is not up to the mark, be sure that customers will uninstall it. Enterprises and brands now communicate closely with customers with the help of technologies like apps. An app development strategy is a core business process.

Brands must build upon delivering unique and innovative app experiences while maintaining high quality. Many brands are not sure how to develop a winning mobile app. DevOps is another crucial process that can enhance the overall quality of the product and reduce market launch times. Additionally, it brings in efficiency and cost reduction. There are many DevOps consulting firms in the market today. And while it is prudent to partner with a credible firm, ensure you verify the firm and have a basic understanding of the mobile app development process. Moreover, understanding your requirements and target audience will enable you to contribute better so that your technology partner can rise to the occasion and create a winning app for your business.

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