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How do I bulk remove Instagram ghost followers?

by Nathan Zachary
Instagram ghost followers

In this post, I’ll show you how to eliminate these unengaged “ghost” followers who cause a decline in engagement and get your content ranked at the top of the people’s feeds (again). Instagram ghost followers

Although there’s no definitive definition of a “ghost following,” I’d consider it one who hasn’t interacted in any of your posts for a minimum of about a month. buymalaysianfollowers


Engagement could range from liking, commenting, sharing, responding to questions on story polls, DM’ing, and much more.

Most of the time, a ghost follower is usually an automated bot, lurker, or simply someone who is following every account that is available and never can see your content ever.


The reason you should eliminate a ghost follower is to boost the rate of engagement. I know this may not be important to you, but I’ll attempt to simplify it.

The rate of engagement is the amount of attention you receive in a single posting, divided by the number of followers you have at any moment. Instagram ghost followers

Multiply this number by 100, and you’ll get the engagement rate percentage. (%).

In other words, when you receive ten likes for a particular post, and you’ve got 100 followers at that moment, your engagement percentage is 10% which is quite good.

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You’d like to increase the rate of engagement you get because this is (partly) Instagram’s measure of the quality of your content or not.

Posts that have high engagement are shown to more people. If your post doesn’t get the most attention, the algorithm on Instagram will display it to fewer users. https://buymalaysianfollowers.com/

It would help to eliminate ghost followers who can’t interact with your blog posts. When you do this, you can boost the engagement rate and increase your reach.


Now that you understand why you need to get rid of ghost followers, you are left with the question: what is the best way to do it?

There are three methods to eliminate ghost-followers…

Semi-Automatically (Recommended)

I will break down each strategy as follows. However, you should review the manual before navigating to the recommended semi-automatic option.


The best way to eliminate Instagram followers without being penalized by the algorithms is to delete your followers by hand.

This process will take the longest time, but it’s the most likely method to result in your account being shadowbanned, blocked actions, or permanently removed.

It’s a matter of course if you don’t do something too extravagant!

Note: It is advised to delete only 30-50 accounts at once and only do this via your smartphone (app). Instagram may suspect you as a bot and penalize your account if you do not.

An excellent example of an Instagram account that follows numerous people.
An example of an Instagram account with hundreds of users.
To remove ghost followers, access the account on your Instagram account (on the phone application) and tap Followers.

From there, you’ll see a list of your followers.

Each follower is tagged with a button on their right, which reads “Remove.” Click this button to delete the follower from your Instagram account. Instagram follower. Instagram ghost followers

Since this procedure is entirely manual, you’ll need to make the best of your judgment to determine who are (and the ones who aren’t) ghost-followers.

My suggestion is to remove all accounts that don’t have any profile pictures.

In addition, I would delete anyone with many accounts, as in the does removing ghost followers help one above, in which one of my followers was following more than 5,000 different accounts!

In addition, you’ll need to remove any person you believe isn’t engaging in your posts.


When you read this post, you may have wondered if there is a way to remove ghost followers from Instagram.

I’m here to inform you… There is a way to do it. Yes, there is.

The application you are seeking is Spamguard. Spam guard App.

Please note that the Spamguard App is a service that is paid for and that I am not associated with. I’m merely speaking about it after having experienced it myself.

Commercial (on Instagram for business)

Before you begin to get ahead of yourself, however, I would like to be clear it is the case that Instagram does not support the use of non-approved third-party software and apps like this.

If you choose to use it, you must do it knowing that you may have your account banned, shadowbanned, or even worse.

The directions are straightforward on the site, so I won’t bother you with all the details. However, you can scan your account to find the people who follow you…

Foreign (speak a different language entirely)

After running the scan, you can pick which of your friends you’d like the app to eliminate.

This is the fastest and easiest method of removing ghost remove ghost followers instagram online followers from Instagram.

However, as we have already mentioned, If you decide to use an automated system such as this, you must be careful.

My suggestion is should you choose to use the Spamguard App, to use it like you’re working manually. In essence, using a human-like approach is advised.


The third and last method of eliminating ghost accounts on Instagram combines two previous methods, manual and automated. Instagram ghost followers

This is the method I employed after ignoring my Instagram for an entire year. This semi-automatic method has been a success for me, except for one incident.

I’ll be back in a minute.

Before that, you should conduct an initial Spamguard App scan of your account to determine whether your followers are bots or inactive.

Once the scan has been completed After the scan is complete, you will be able to see a choice under Followers that says “open account list to delete manually.”


The software I used was Photoshop to make each name. You can use software like MS Paint or print the list onto paper.

I followed this strategy for approximately two weeks and have more than best ghost followers app for instagram halved my number of followers.

There was a moment in the beginning when I became enthusiastic and manually removed more than 180 followers in just half an hour… I’m sorry.

Of 20,000 followers – is that all you’ve received?

Instagram graciously told me to cease with an action-blocking message. It even removed me from my account. They also asked me to confirm that it was me, not a bot.

Everything was fine after logging in again, and I thought it was a caution sign. In the future, I opted to delete 30-50 accounts at once as a human could do.


Removing ghost followers is an excellent method to find ghost followers instagram free boost the amount of engagement (and your reach) through Instagram. The way you decide to use to remove these ghost followers can affect the condition the health of your Instagram account.

Utilizing unapproved third-party applications or software that automatically deletes followers could result in being banned from the shadow or blocked from doing something, or more serious, permanently barred.

Did they view your video all the way through?

However, most users can feel secure using the Spamguard app to check their accounts (only) and locate ghost followers. They can then manually remove them using their mobile application, less than 30-50 followers, at any time. Instagram ghost followers

Just scanning your account by an outside party can pose the risk of being hacked, so should you be cautious, I’d suggest removing ghost followers from your account manually.

Are you frustrated by the lack of interaction you’re receiving on your blog posts?

The reason might result from unengaged “ghost” users who’re not actively engaging (or even viewing) all of your content. This includes rods, stories, reels, and much more. Please take Remove ghost followers Instagram 2022 a look at this article which I will show you how to eliminate ghost followers from Instagram safely.
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Okay, let me explain it to you. If you post to the Instagram account, Instagram will firstly show your posts to a small proportion of users. This will let you see what happens before deciding how long and broad they’d like to spread it.

Do they double tap to express their gratitude?

Instagram will collect all this information (what kind of followers they follow or interact with) and then compare it to your total number of followers. Instagram ghost followers

Do the math – if your followers are at 20k and receive 50 likes and three comments on your new blog post, Instagram will work out the proportion of interactions and decide that your post has performed poorly.

Are people stopping to observe?

This low number of users means that Instagram will not bother to show your new and exciting content to a larger crowd. It will not be shown on the Explore feed or in reels. It’ll just be in the water and then lost in 24 hours. https://techcrams.com/

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