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How Do You Get More Viewers on Twitch?

by Nathan Zachary

Twitch, by providing services to stream your art, music, gameplay, or all the best sports action within significantly less time, has gained worldwide popularity among streamers.

In a world where live streaming has gained immense popularity for online entertainment, Twitch has become a home for many content creators who are into live video streaming.

Why do Twitch streamers focus on gaining more viewers and followers?

Many people use the Twitch platform to generate income from their passion.

To make money from their streams, streamers increase their audiences because you need to get more viewers and followers to monetize your Channel. 

There are different ways by which you can monetize your Twitch channel. But, all of these ways require a wider audience on your Channel.

So, gaining more Twitch viewers and followers becomes important on Twitch.

How to increase viewers on your Twitch channel?

Always remember that patience is a must requirement. Gaining more and more viewers and then bagging money on Twitch is not an easy and quick process.

To get more viewers on your stream on Twitch, you need to keep a few things in mind :

Select your niche carefully:

You need to produce content that you like the most.

If you are going with the gaming stream, then choose the game wisely.

Select your niche thoroughly.

Be regular:

Be regular with your content, as viewers like watching their favorite streamers daily. 

Set up your schedule:

If you can not be regular with your streams, set up your schedule for the dates you will stream.

Connect with your viewers:

During your stream, try to be more engaging. You can chit-chat with your viewers while streaming, which will engage them. 

Be active in your chat section. Reply to every viewer reaching you out in your chat box.

Try connecting with your viewers. Play games with them as it engages them a lot. 

Raid other streams:

By raiding small as well as big streamers, you will boost your viewers as you will also get a raid back. 

Creative customization:

Customize your Channel and stream creatively so that it’s attractive.

Use a creative title as it will attract viewers to come and watch your stream. You can use interesting backgrounds and green screens.

Share the link:

Share the link of your stream with more people using your social media accounts. It will bring people from your different social media accounts to your stream, and thus your viewers will increase. 


Take part in Esports competitions. Participate in tournaments. Even if you do not win, it will let people know about you and your stream.

Connect with other streamers:

Connect with people of the same interests and build a community together.

Also, connect with streamers from different niches as it will bring a diverse audience to your Channel. 

Bring in your family & friends:

For the beginning, ask your friends and family to join your stream as it will help you rank higher than streamers with 0 viewers in the face. 


Use a good-quality webcam, mic, and other equipment as it will add to the quality of your stream.

Create your Channel on other platforms too:

Initially, it was difficult for new streamers to get noticed in Twitch’s ocean of streamers. For this, they can create their audience on another platform like YouTube, and then after growing the audience over there, get them on your Twitch channel.

You can also buy Twitch followers and viewers to get more audiences to your Channel.

Focus on viewers, not broadcasters:

Don’t stream oversaturated games. Focus on the fun with more viewers rather than streamers to get noticed.

Ask for feedback:

Lend your ears to your viewers. Ask for feedback from them and then improve your content likewise. 

Use Chatbots:

Use Chatbots as it will help you in being interactive throughout your stream. Even if you miss out on giving replies to your viewers during the live stream, the chatbot will do it for you.

Time selection:

Try to stream during less competitive times. Find time during which there is less traffic so that you get noticed easily.

Stream Alerts:

Use creative stream alerts which are interesting and unique. 

It will encourage your viewers to follow and subscribe to your Channel and bring in new viewers. 

How do increased viewers monetize your Channel?

By getting more viewers and followers, you can easily monetize your Channel.

Getting at least 50 followers and three concurrent viewers is an eligibility criterion of the Twitch Affiliate Program, which monetizes your Channel and brings in many perks.

Subscription is another way of monetizing your Channel. With the paid subscription, your viewers provide monetary support to you and encourage you.

To get Twitch Partner Status, you need to get more viewers.

Getting an average of 75 or more concurrent viewers is one of the eligibility criteria for getting Twitch Partner Status.

Twitch Bits also benefits you when you get viewers who prefer buying and using them on your Channel.


Thus, Twitch is a live streaming platform with various categories.

You can monetize your account on Twitch using various methods, but you need a wider audience. How to generate the audience for your stream and keep them engaged on your Channel is mentioned here.

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