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How Does Advertising Work in the Metaverse?

by Nathan Zachary
How Does Advertising Work in the Metaverse?

One of the engines of the global economic model is advertising, which pervades our real physical world. It would be surprising if she didn’t make her way into the metaverse. The way advertising exists and develops in the metaverse, on the other hand, has its own characteristics. This will be covered in greater depth in subsequent articles.

To grasp this concept, consider the various advertising formats available in the metaverses.


And we’ll begin with the most well-known advertising format: billboards.

In the metaverse, billboards are everywhere.This format contains no fundamental changes, and billboards here are identical to those seen on the streets of our cities. Except that in the metaverse, they are brighter and larger because they are not constrained by the physical world’s limitations.Furthermore, billboards are interactive and can direct viewers to the advertised product or event. Simply clicking on a billboard in the Decentraland metaverse will take you to an advertiser’s website.

We all enjoy going to different entertainment and educational events, meetings, events, and concerts. All of this exists in the metaverse. These events are advertised in the same way everywhere, both in the real and virtual worlds. An intriguing aspect of holding events in the metaverse is that the number of participants is determined not by the physical space’s capacity, but by the number of servers available to users and the organiser in a specific metaverse.


For a long time, brands have actively promoted themselves in the metaverse. These players were among the first to recognise new opportunities. Wardrobe-related companies like Adidas, Balenciaga, Nike, and Gucci are releasing their own NFTs in the form of virtual avatar wearables. Fashion exists in the metaverse, just as it does in our physical world, and it must be advertised. The following is a collection of Balenciaga skins for the game Fortnite.

Technology companies are also present in the metaverse, and their products are advertised to its users. On the other hand, they draw an outsider’s attention to the concept of the metaverse, thereby contributing to mass adoption. The Vodafone online store in the Decentraland metaverse is shown below.

PR Development

The development of plots of land in the metaverses by those same brands and companies is an intriguing metaspace phenomenon. Despite the external similarity of the process, which results in a building with galleries, exhibitions, and conference rooms, the purpose of such construction is not the same as the purpose of building these objects in the real world. Large corporations establish offices and representative offices in order to establish a presence in a specific local market and gain new customers for their services. In the metaverse, such construction resembles individual events and public relations campaigns. In the Decentraland metaverse, for exampl

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