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How Does SharePoint Development Plays Role in Business Growth? | ARC

by Nathan Zachary
SharePoint Development

SharePoint development is an important factor in SharePoint implementation. It plays a crucial role in the growth of your business as well as your organization.

Why hire a SharePoint team

SharePoint is one of the most powerful tools for information management in your organization. Your SharePoint development team is the backbone of your SharePoint implementation. You will need to hire a SharePointteam to build your SharePoint site.

You should make sure that you hire a SharePoint development team that is capable of implementing your SharePoint requirements. They must know how to use Microsoft Visual Studio to build SharePoint sites. It is important for your that the team you hire is proficient in SharePoint object models, object models, metadata, data source, web parts, workflow, etc. The SharePoint development team must be familiar with the Microsoft.NET Framework, ADO.NET, WCF and ASP.

Crucial responsibilities of a SharePoint development team

A SharePoint development team has some crucial responsibilities to help grow your business by saving your time and money. They are also responsible for developing a customized, efficient and reliable application that can boost productivity. There are many challenges associated with SharePoint development, but if you have a dedicated team, they will be able to handle all those challenges.

What are the types of SharePoint developers?

The SharePoint development team has different skill sets and specializations. Some of them include:

  • SharePoint developer
  • SharePoint designer
  • SharePoint architect
  • SharePoint developer consultant
  • SharePoint administrator
  • SharePoint developer trainer

These skills and job roles help the organization build, maintain and optimize SharePoint solutions. SharePoint development requires a good understanding of SharePoint administration, design and architecture. The SharePoint development team can also be classified as either a web application developer or web application designer. The SharePoint web application development team includes the following members:

Web application developer

A SharePoint web application developer is responsible for building and maintaining SharePoint-based applications. Web application developers are required to have programming experience, as well as a working knowledge of various programming languages, such as C++, ASP.NET, SQL Server, Visual Basic, C\C++, HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX and many others.

SharePoint designer

A SharePoint designer is responsible for designing the user interface (UI) for SharePoint. A SharePoint designer has knowledge of Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and is familiar with how each of these products works in a SharePoint environment. Designers also understand how users interact with the UI and how they might change it. They are skilled at creating custom layouts and templates and can create reusable UI components that can be reused by other web pages.

SharePoint administrator

A SharePoint administrator is responsible for managing the server and network configuration of SharePoint. Administrators are also responsible for the management of user permissions, data access and security.

They may perform many of the same tasks as a SharePoint designer but have additional responsibilities. Administrators are usually assigned to a business unit or department and work closely with other business units or departments within the company.

SharePoint architect

A SharePoint architect is responsible for designing the architecture of the SharePoint application. They are also responsible for creating the high-level plan for the SharePoint deployment and are involved in the design of a solution. Architects are not directly involved with the day-to-day maintenance and support of a SharePoint site.

SharePoint developer

A SharePoint developer is responsible for developing web applications using Microsoft Visual Studio. They develop custom web parts, business logic and workflow solutions for SharePoint. SharePoint developers are also responsible for the maintenance and support of their code.


These are some of the main roles of a SharePoint development team that they play to help your business grow. If you are looking to take maximum benefit from this digital platform then you need to hire a good, experienced and dedicated team.

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