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How Does Spaced Repetition Help You Pass Government Exams? 

by Nathan Zachary
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One of the most popular techniques for students to prepare for government exams is the spaced repetition technique. It is also known as the spaced practice or interleaved practice method. Basically, you will be dividing your study sessions into different space intervals. It is honestly quite a straightforward and easy concept. But various studies have shown that this can prove to be a game-changer for students aspiring to crack government exams.  Now let’s know how this method works. To make you understand it better we will be referring to a real-life example. 

Spaced repetition is a mechanism for comprehensive awareness on a frequent basis. The intervals are closer together at the onset of the learning process (for example, one hour; four hours; or one day). The intervals become progressively longer as the information is studied (four days; one week; two weeks). An excellent spaced repetition technique allows you to review stuff easily, assisting you in retaining it in your memory. Thus it is quite useful in helping a student prepare effectively for government exams.  Now all the SSC aspirants dreaming to get dream jobs in the public sector should join SSC coaching in Laxmi Nagar

Now This Article Will Help You Understand How Spaced Repetition Can Churn Out Effective Results for All Those Preparing Hard for Government Exams. 

What Basically Is ‘Spaced Repetition? 

Spaced repetition is a learning approach that involves reviewing courses at increasing intervals to ensure that critical lessons are remembered. This helps to reinforce learning. Also, it allows you to fill in learning gaps among learners in sessions until the subject is fully retained.


This example will refer to a situation when your government exam is there in  40 days. You are going to commence your preparations today. So in this example, if we have to construct a well-optimized interval then it will look like this 

  • Session 1: Day 1
  • Session 2:  Day 7
  • Session 3:  Day 16
  • Session 4:  Day 35
  • Exam date: Day 40

So you have divided your preparations into well-optimized study sessions. Basically, the method of spaced repetition is quite contrasting to the usual methods of cramming and pulling all-nighters. Now we know well that many students prefer to cram the concepts as they don’t want to make an effort to actually understand the things. But cramming won’t help you at all in cracking the government exams. Instead of streamlining your preparations for the government exams into a tiny time interval, in the spaced repetition method you are spacing your preparations by actively analyzing and recalling facts and information at optimized time intervals. This process continues until you have memorized and covered the whole syllabus for the government exams you’re preparing for. 

How Is It Effective?

Revisiting material on a frequent basis is more productive than reviewing it repeatedly during the same study session. Spaced repetition lowers the chances of failing to remember facts and information which develops when information is not exposed for an extended length of time. Spaced repetition requires actively recalling previously understood content, which improves learning. Furthermore, if you forget an item, you can employ a more effective learning approach to remember the material for later review.

The easiest way to help you understand this method is to think of improving and enhancing the human mind as you would any other muscle of your body. So if a fitness enthusiast wishes to strengthen his arms, is he going to lift a 100-pound dumbbell when he goes to the gym for the first time? Is he going to do all the high-intensity exercises in just 2-3 days? Obviously no! The individual will begin by lifting light weights and providing adequate time for his body to adjust to the changed regime. Now spaced repetition works like this only. When you’re preparing for the government exams you cannot grasp all the concepts within a few days. Spaced repetition tells you to review your preparations and syllabus at gradually increasing intervals. You need to space out your study sessions into organized time intervals. 

When you keep making your brain work hard to retain a key fact or information in long-term memory you are paving the way to the most effective preparations for the government exams. Keep in mind that the spacing effect is quite pertinent in this method. Your capacity to remember and retain information will jump up considerably when you space out the preparation for similar concepts. Now if you wish to clear the banking exams you might require the guidance of experts providing the best bank coaching in Laxmi Nagar.

Summing It Up

Spaced repetition can really do wonders for students hoping to clear government exams. This effective technique has gained quite a lot of prominence recently. Since it’s a new technique so many of you might have a hard time understanding it. But nothing to fret about. This article will help you know the spaced repetition technique effectively. 

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