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How Far Does a VHF Antenna Reach?

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How Far Does a VHF Antenna Reach?

VHF/AIS antennas are crucial components of marine communication systems, facilitating the transmission and reception of VHF radio signals. The range of a VHF/AIS antenna typically falls within the 10 to 25-mile range, providing communication coverage over a significant distance.

Factors Influencing Range

Several factors impact the range of VHF/AIS antennas. The height of both the receiving and transmitting antennas, as well as the terrain between them, play critical roles in determining the effective range.

Antenna Height and Range

The VHF signal travels in a straight line, but the curvature of the Earth affects its reach. As a result, the height of the antenna becomes one of the most crucial factors in determining range. The higher the antenna, the farther the signal can propagate due to an increased line of sight. Therefore, antenna height significantly affects the coverage area and maximum distance of communication.

The range of a VHF/AIS antenna typically falls within 10 to 25 miles. The height of the antennas and the terrain between them are critical factors influencing range. The curvature of the Earth necessitates considering antenna height, which can be used to estimate the maximum transmission distance using a simple calculation. However, it is important to consider other environmental factors and potential obstructions that may affect effective communication beyond the calculated range.

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