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How is Animation as a Career Option?

by Nathan Zachary
Animation as a Career option

Animation is one of the best career options these days. It is a profession with many job opportunities in both the animation and game industry, as well as other areas such as TV commercials, educational videos, and new media. There are also many career paths that exist within the field such as storyboard artist or director. As per FICCI reports, in year 2012-13, India’s animation industry saw a growth of 25% over previous years, generating approximately ₹ 6,500 crores in revenues. This Indian animation industry is expected to double by 2017 and reach a turnover of around ₹ 15,000 crores.

India has a wide range of animation studios that are doing extremely well today. There are many companies who have hopped on the bandwagon and are starting their own studios to tap into the ever growing market. Those who wants to make their career in this field this is a high time to start.

Industry Outlook of Animation as of 2022

Animation is now one of the most demanding career options. As per AVGC reports 2022, Animation industry will have a fantastic outlook with 2,14,500 job openings. The number of  professionals are also increasing steadily in this career. As an industry and a kind of art, animation has advanced significantly. Between 2018 and 2023, the global animation market is anticipated to develop at a rate of 14.79 percent annually, reaching a market value of $404.83 billion. Freelancing is also gaining a lot of popularity these days. You can have multiple employment options.

Reasons to Choose Animation as a Career Option are as Follows:

1. Creative

Animation is a very creative field; you can be as creative as you want to be and work on one of many different projects at any given time.

2. Technically challenging

Animation requires you to use many different computer programs and tools to create your work. It’s an industry that rewards creativity and intelligence, just like the industries of architecture or engineering for example.

3. Aesthetically Pleasing

People generally love animation because it is an enjoyable experience for them, much like the experience of reading a book or watching a movie but with pictures instead of words or images on a screen in front of them.

4. Relevant skills

Animation requires you to have great skills. You can acquire these skills with the assistance of animation courses. One of the most popular courses in 2022 is animation. The field of animation employment in India is being redefined by futuristic technologies like game engines, AR, and VR. In addition to the typical film and television studios, other sectors like the automotive, IT, FMCG, lifestyle, and real estate also employ animators. For this reason, students who are studying MBA and engineering are now learning animation to improve their employability and likeability with hiring managers. With a focus in animation, one can pursue enticing careers as an animator, texturist, rigger, renderer, 3D modeller, lighting artist, character animator, and special effects artist.  These are all useful skills you can transfer from your real-life career into the animation field. There are several institutes who are providing 3D animation courses in Kolkata.

5. Emotionally fulfilling

Some of the most memorable experiences people have had were brought on by animation: It’s a fun and exciting way to create something new and interesting out of something that many people see every day. This is a very fulfilling emotional experience for everyone involved in it.

6. Lifestyle

Animation is the best way to be creative and work on something everyone else sees every day. Even if you’re not able to make a living off of your cartoons, you are still contributing to the world around you. Studios will hire most people who have drawing or animation experience, so it’s an industry that makes your skills available to other people, as well as works in many different settings.

7. Acceptance

There is general acceptance and admiration for all of the work done in animation today, which is a very different experience from the design and architecture fields. People appreciate it because they are used to seeing it everywhere they go every day but it’s unknown and therefore different from real-life experience.

8. Quick career growth

The industry is growing quickly, so there are lots of jobs available and chances to work on many different projects at the same time. You can find a job that suits your skillset immediately.

9. Variety of work

You are able to create animations that cover every type of subject matter from anything from a single character doing something silly in an office to a whole movie in 3D or 2D. There really is something for everyone here!

Final Note

Animation is a tendency of pictures to mimic movement. Animation is a combination of live performance and computer graphics. Animation makes use of both methods, and it has been used in film making since the beginning of motion pictures. Animation really arrived in the mainstream cinema, after Walt Disney introduced Mickey Mouse, who was created as an animated character in 1928. This marked the start of the golden era that lasted for close to 30 years, where animation was used extensively by major studios to make 10-second-long cartoons. Animation reached a new level these days.  Animation is now widely used, from television to movies and video games. It’s an amazing career option.

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