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How is Technology Affecting Academic Writing Skills?

by Nathan Zachary

Technology has affected every aspect of life. Students and teachers have improved academic writing with the help of technology. From access to vast information on the internet to the use of phones for communication, it has everything that can make education convenient. However, there are certainly negative aspects, which are mostly because of the misuse of technology.

Additionally, millions of people all over the world now have access to information on a faster and faster basis because of the internet. Writing is not to be excluded either, as technology has had a significant impact on writing. The use of the internet, tablets, computers, and smartphones has expanded, which implies that more students are incorporating technology into their writing assignments. However, if for some reason you haven’t been able to complete your dissertation and want to Dissertation Writer Online then feel free to ask us and we will help you with that.

How is Technology Affecting Academic Writing Skills?

The invention of mobile phones became a revolution that fundamentally altered how we interact with one another in terms of effective communication. However, students are now more likely than ever to hire writing services for college essays. These online businesses handle the majority of the assignments that tutors provide their students. This blog will discuss the positive and negative aspects of technology on academic writing skills.

The positive effects of technology on writing


Since it is now possible to communicate with others online, technology has encouraged collaboration among students. To discuss a subject of interest that could be very helpful to them or a research project that was crucial to an organization or institution and was due for submission, people can now create forums and invite others to join. This allows the group to work quickly to meet the submission deadline.

Helped Study Different courses at home’s Comfort

Online courses have made it easy for you to learn in the comfort of your home. You can learn from experts around the world in different courses. Many universities offer different courses and learning materials and offer degrees to students around the globe. It allows the students to learn in the comfort of one’s home and allow them to get an education at a rather cheaper price than on-campus education. This has assisted students in writing as well as allows students to work from home and one’s convenience, students can research more and more and can learn in their comfort.

Easy Access to Different Sources

There are vast information and access to data and news from all around the world. All you have to type some words and all the information from around the world will be in front of you. Different scientific journal articles took years for the researchers to create. Yet these are available to us at our fingertips. From entertainment to educational material there are numerous resources. All of these can help in learning and increasing one’s understanding of things.


The scope of learning of students has increased as they have access to diverse information channels. They learn them at a young age while indulging in them allows them to foster skills and expertise. Moreover, a lot of information in one place has allowed the readers to read better and hence write better. There is great competition in academic writing. Everyone is well-versed in techniques that are necessary to write a good piece of writing.

Negative effects of technology on writing


With the availability of vast data, there is certainly a concern about plagiarism. There are so many researches that one can use in his/her writing to back the arguments. It is a great gesture that we can access those papers. However, some students misuse them. They use someone else’s work without giving proper credit to the author. However, there are certain rules in place in academic institutions. They make sure that students write their original work, rather than copying someone else’s. Similarly, some tools can be used to evaluate the content if it’s plagiarized or not.

Impatience with the writing process

Writing on a laptop or desktop means you have a lot of distractions around. It is hard to focus on the writing process as there is the urge to check phone, social media, or just toggle around on the screen to do and check something new. Similarly, people tend to use different tools for proofreading, grammar checking, etc. Which may not be 100% efficient and having access to these tools makes you lazy. Also, you may feel like copying and paraphrasing someone else’s work and delivering it. Which is academic dishonesty.

Academic Dishonesty

As you can see that technology in education is a recent phenomenon. Therefore, people don’t recognize and understand that copying someone’s work and ideas in their academic assignments is an academic violation. Students copy things from the internet without understanding that it is cheating. However, the awareness about the importance of academic integrity must be recognized and taught at the school level.

Cyber slangs

Students can no longer distinguish between official writing and the casual way of interaction. They write academic assignments as they talk to their friends online. Also, social media discussions have influenced academic writing. They produce a problem since they are penalized and it has a bad impact on their scores when they include this casual writing in formal assignments.


You have easy access to a wealth of online research resources on a given subject. Students can do in-depth research on specific topics. They are now able to write more effectively because of the availability of internet writing tools. Also, students use tools to check for grammar and spelling mistakes, and edtech has both a beneficial and a negative impact on many writers writing abilities around the world. On the plus side, a lot of authors can spend less time on tasks like proofreading. As a result of the ability to discover new information through technology, writers are also innovative in their writing. However, if you are struggling to write your dissertation then you can Dissertation Writer Online so just let us know and we will provide what you need.

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