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How long does food poisoning last in people? – scientific thoughts 

by Nathan Zachary
how long does food poisoning last

Here in this particular article we are going to discuss that how long does food poisoning last in the human beings. and also how the food poisoning is considered to be bad or harmful in the humans in terms of poison or the health of the humans. 

Knowing more about the food poisoning illness 

Generally, the food poisoning issue is known to be a problem or an illness which is known to be related to the food items that is being caused in the human body when a person eats or consumes any type of expired food which contains toxins, parasites, viruses, or any other kind of contaminated element in the food item that they consume or intake. 

Most of the time it has been said that the issue is not so problematic or not so harmful but still as a human being we do not know that which particular issue is going to create a harmful impact on our human body. Therefore, we need to take care of all the things equally as well as perfectly.

Why are we writing this…


This is one of the major reasons, that is why we have written this particular article and that is why we are going to discuss about the food poisoning issue and the illness in this article. 

Because there are so many people who have been continuously asking the similar and the same kind of the question again and again over on the internet, that how long does food poisoning last in the human beings? 

So, we came across this particular question a lot of the times over the internet and finally, we decided that we need to write one article on this particular topic of food poisoning now. 

The issue or the problem of food poisoning occurs in the human body when a person eats any kind of the contaminated food, which contains a lot of elements in it such as toxins, parasites, or any other kind of viruses etc. 

Understanding and knowing the answer of how long does food poisoning last in the human body is as simple as understanding that what all things you need to eat and what all things you are not required to eat at all. It is as simple as that.

Reactions or results of the food poisoning 

Moreover, as per the experts and the specialist knowledgeable people of this particular field, it has been said that the person will start seeing the symptoms as well as the problems in the human body, which we can also understand as the reactions of food poisoning in sometime of eating the contaminated food itself. 

This can be a few hours only, like in the two to four hours a person can start seeing the symptoms and the reactions of the food poisoning through which a person can understand that he or she has eaten the contaminated food and therefore he is going to suffer now with the food poisoning.

Therefore, fundamentally it has been said that suppose if you have eaten the expired or even the contaminated food in the morning 10 o’ clock then by afternoon 2 o’ clock or approximately 3 o’ clock you are going to see the symptoms or some kind of signs as well as the indications through which you are going to understand that you have eaten something wrong and a something contaminated.

Understanding the symptoms in better way

Here in this particular article, we have mentioned a few of the symptoms or signs through which you can understand the food poisoning in a better manner. And also you are going to understand that how long does food poisoning last in the human beings? Have a look at the same and continue reading the article till the end of the same in order to know more about the contaminated food as well as its symptoms.

Here are the major symptoms of the food poisoning 

  1. A person can experience some nausea kind of the feeling.
  2. A person can feel like vomiting again and again.
  3. A person can also experience some kind of discomfort and hardships in the day to day routines.
  4. Human being can also might experience uneasiness with his body also.
  5. In some of the cases a person can also have the issue of diarrhoea as well.

Here are some more major symptoms of having food poisoning in the human body:

  1. Nausea
  2. Vomiting
  3. Watery or the bloody diarrhoea
  4. Abdominal pain
  5. Cramps
  6. Fever

So, how long does food poisoning last in the human beings actually?

As per the experts in knowledgeable people, of this particular field it has been said that food poisoning completely depends on the human body and its immune system. 

Let us take an example, suppose if you have a very strong and a very healthy kind of the immune system then food poisoning can last for only half a day or even maximum for two days. But, on the other hand if you have a very weakened kind of the immune system then it is going to last for more than 2 days as well. 

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Therefore, if we take a standard kind of value of how long does food poisoning last. Then the same can be understood as a minimum of half a day and a maximum of 2 to 3 days at least.

The above mentioned value of the days of lasting the problem and illnesses is the standard kind of the value, which may differ from person to person and from human body to the human body.

However, there is no such problem or any kind of issue is there while a person is having food poisoning in his body. But there are a few things that he might face, is that he might lose the taste as well as smell from his human body, which are two major senses of the human body. 

More than that there is no such thing, which is being commonly and frequently seen in the human beings. However, still you are required or you are suggested to visit to doctor at least once and get treated properly and understand how long does food poisoning last.

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