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How Many Types Of Security Guards Are There?

by Nathan Zachary
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In the present time, the security business is increasing day by day. Numerous firms are expanding. As a result, there is a growing demand for security services. All buildings, whether they are residential or commercial, require top-notch security. Security officers have the same obligations whether they work for a commercial or public company, a home or public building.

The primary duty of security officers is to provide safety by deterring crimes and accidents. Nowadays, security is not limited to just life safety. 

As the threats have increased, life, properties, electronic data and many other things require safety. Therefore, according to the high demands of security, every type of security guard is available. Therefore, if you have no idea what type of security guard you need for a specific purpose, get complete knowledge about it. It will help you to choose the security personnel you need specifically. 

Major Types Of Security Personnel

  • Residential guard
  • Bodyguard
  • Mobile patrol guards
  • Security surveillance guards
  • Business guards

These are the major types of the guard. Besides these, security personnel are available in a variety that you can hire from a good security personnel company. As there are many security companies in Sydney that provide assistance before offering services.  So you must be aware of the types of guards. It will help you get the perfect guard for your security issues.  

Here is the description and duties of this security personnel.

Residential Security Personals

Residential security personnel is a type of security guard who offers duties in houses. The residential guard ensures the safety and protection of the property and families. They remain alert and work actively on instructions. It can be a team or guards a single guard depending on the need that the homeowner requires. 

It could be the house of a common person, Govt employees, VIPs or any celebrity, and residential security officers provide the same duties. 


These are the personal guards responsible for a person’s protection. They are employed to protect the lives of HNIs, dignitaries, famous people, and other VIPs like politicians. These guards are typically well-trained and equipped. Moreover, the term “personal protection agents” is also used to describe them.

Besides this, common people can also hire them for life protection. A bodyguard 24/7 protects the specific person from any type of crime and incident. Whether the person is at home or outside, bodyguards always follow them.

Mobile Patrol Guards

Mobile patrol guard is the type of guards who deter crimes by visiting the whole area through security vehicles.They work day and night looking for any threats or suspicious activities. Moreover, mobile patrols do not always exist.As a result, you can engage a mobile patrol squad to come to your preferred area on set days and at specified hours. Additionally, you can hire a permanent security patrol guard or team to walk the outside of your property all the time.

Security surveillance guards

This is one of the important types of guards. Such security personnel provide complete security system monitoring and reporting services.You can hire guards to keep an eye on any security system you have on your home. Moreover, if you are running a big business and for different security purposes, you have hired different guards, you can hire security personnel for security system monitoring. Security personnel quickly respond when they see any type of crime at or around the place. 

Corporate Security Guards

Guards with a focus on defending a particular type of business, such as a bar or a store, are the major type. Some guards are responsible for maintaining warehouses. Corporate guards are in charge of a company’s headquarters and are responsible for a sizable region. Corporate security guards are also in charge of the building’s high-level executives’ protection and safety. Some corporate security officers someday resemble the personal security officers who protect well-known company CEOs.

The guards at the warehouse are typically good at monitoring security concerns. Moreover, they prevent unauthorized entrance at the warehouse.

These are qualified security personnel that the organizations and establishments require.  They are not employed by an agency. Moreover, the businesses that employ them pay them.  They require them to report and hold them to the same standards as those businesses.

Security Officers

Civil security guards work as normal human beings. For duties, they usually do not wear uniforms. Therefore, people are bound to behave more naturally when they aren’t seeing someone in a uniform. They are more inclined to steal or take from a business when they behave more naturally. Of course, this isn’t the same as sneaking up on someone; rather, it just lets people act as they normally would while still effectively protecting their possessions and other people. 

Other Types Of Security Guards

Besides major types of security officers, other security guards can perform different duties. These guards are:

Therefore, It is possible to hire the best security guards in Sydney that match your requirements.

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